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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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I traded my 95 nissan pathfinder for a excellent shaped rolling chassis 94' jeep cherokee 4door 2wd 5 speed manual

Also did its first mod, tinted tail lights


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burned in a couple rear floor pan patches, posted pics of it in my build thread for the xj. tomorrow, might do the front seat floor pan patch, depends if i find an extension cable for the cutting wheel,

possibly ordering engine, lift kit, wheel adapters, and new clutch, within next 2 weeks,
Did a lot today, post all of it in the build thread, but: Finished welding in floor pan patches, hung new to me ready to paint front fenders, cut and folded rear fenders, did passenger side first, then driver side, 2nd time around i think looks better.

Sat a wheel/tire under fender to get an idea of lift possibly

pics are in the build thread to not clutter other threads
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Got started on WJ seats into the XJ, then later on the back seat swap.. oh how i love the cusion seats out of a wj
bought premium membership, ordered zone 3" lift with nitro shocks, took couple pics, will be prepping an 8.25 tomorrow, might set motor in the xj and check clearnaces of tires..

265/70r17 on dc-2 17x9 with 4" bs with spidertrax wheel adapters

going to do more triming on front fenders, then get paint code buy paint.. and so forth, should be finishing up wj seat mod this weekend
looks like fun!
i did the WJ seat swap... and its awesome! what a differance!
i know right, i love the wj seats and i dont even drive mine yet
Got the lift kit in today, Zone 3" lift with coils and add a leafs! nitro shocks
about to finish changing the oil pan gasket, then mount the flywheel, clutch, transmission, then push the jeep back to the garage to install motor and trans!! hook up all the hoses, wires, and belts, and see if she starts..

mind you i started with just a rolling chassis...
also have 3" zone lift to install still!
so much to do, and got a long weekend to do it!
It's awd. Center diff like a Subaru, but it locks when you go into 4 low.
jeep uses a viscous coupler that uses fluid pressure to lock, Subaru's use an actuall AWD system...

your AWD JEEP is only 2wd till the rear tires begin to slips and THEN the front axle is engaged by the transfercase.
very common mistake. on the wj's if the coupler goes bad then its ALWAYS 2wd, when i got my wj it "was" awd but when it finally snowed my AWD did not work,

and doing a 242 swap well its easy, just bolt on and go, but, only reall difference was the abililty to actually have 2WD, 4hi full-time and part-time N 4Lo i did the 242 swap in mine, since my coupler had gone bad before i got it

so thats my .02

put motor in it today, and made a transmission crossmember, fixed my huge oil leak from forgetting to put a seal on the new 90* oil filter adapter...

motor came from a YJ
more pics of other progress in the build thread
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Finally got to drive mine, after i started working on it a month ago.. still need to order 2 e-fans, and relays, and a couple of switches.. buy coolant, return hose for p/s, and then take it for a drive

also? my temp gauge does not work? i have no idea why, but it dont work.. could it be something simple?
the one towards the firewall? or the one on the thermostat housing?

the gauge does it test sweep? so that would mean its a sensor? or wiring?
alright will do...
Well just double checked connections, I suppose i forgot to plug in the back sensor? :DOH:
What kind of winch did you get?
Finished my shock relocation and floor pan project.
looks good, how much lower did it make your mounts?
It moved them about 3/4down but the better shock angle will allow for more travel. It was also necessary to do cuz the factory unibody mounts are crap and I was doing a fair amount of rust repair and unibody strengthening anyway.
ahh i see, well looks good, i might have to look into doing the same:shhh:
got to drive it to work :highfive: then put $31 in gas :(

but it was on E and wasnt sure if the gauge worked, got me half a tank! so about 62 to fill up..

now on to chasing down rattles and such, and the violent shaking when in reverse? possibly the transmission mount bracket i made?? maybe the trans is up to high? idk, i dont have nothing else to go off of? so...

maybe someone with the AX-15 in a 94 cherokee can post a pic of the bracket that connects the trans to the trans mount, then to the crossmember?? and i could order one so i know which one to get or build another?
4WD conversion will only happen if I decide to swap the AX-15 out for an AW4. I have bad knees, and am going to try out the manual, but if my knees don't like it, an auto swap is likely. Although this is not going to be wheeled, 120" wheelbase is a lot to maneuver around. If I decide lift it, it won't be more than 2-3", just something to give it a little better stance, and a little larger tire.
could you possibly take a picture of where the transmission mounts to the crossmember???
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