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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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took my faded side molding off today. Looks 100x better that before
Hey does anybody know how my doors wouldnt line up if i made them removable? I hear it all the time and dont understand. all i want to do is replace the current pin with a removable version.
pulled a station wagon out of a ditch today. they tried to pay me but i said "no need sir, im just here to save the day" lol
Today while driving on the interstate a Toyota 4 runner changed lanes and slammed on its brakes right in front of me. I rear ended him and smashed the left front bumper and creased the left fender. A state trooper came and i was issued a ticket for following to close. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE @#$%$$# KIDDING ME! I got a 200 dollar ticket and i dont even have enough money to buy books for school. the guy got nothing and now i have to fix my girlfriends jeep with no money and no time.
Bought and installed two new hatch lifts. 20 dollars a piece and autozone now i dont have to hold my door open:cool:
Sold my brush guard and installed it on another kids jeep for 180
Drove it to prom this weekend
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You guys are so precious. You had to go with pink didnt you....Hows the rear bumper coming? got any sweet ideas?
Haha thanks I think. And yeah I have a ton of ideas for the bumper bit I have one more front one to make for the woman's Jeep.
drove to class with the doors off. went to caseys for a drink. saw a cop check to see if i had 2 mirrors and she smiled at my ghetto side mirrior.
PAID IT OFF!!! :duhrock::bacon::bacon::carrot::bacon::banana::pickle::bacon:
Took it to a tire shop to pit my 15x10 wagons on. Look really sweet. Rub on my flares terrible. Changed um back. Waiting for my 4.5 to get here
oh my god that bumper:drool:
All it takes is some steel and a couple of days...... Yours? post pictures of your rims.
Started on the bumper for the 98. Tought my girlfriend how to weld a little. Found out i have 2 bad u~joints and a bad voltage regulator.
I was almost hit today for the second day in a row. This time it was a prius that pulled out in front of me. Prius versus jeep with quarter inch thick steel bumper=death for dumb girls car. But me being nice i slammed on my brake as she acted like nothing happened.
Trail damage is sexy
3" Zone lift on the way, 31x10.50 Destination M/T's sitting my garage begging to be put on :thumbsup:
Your going to love those tires.
And conner you should leave the damage. Its a badge of pride Haha.
^me is jealous. :drool:
To further your jealousy...i am picking up a dana 44 rear this weekend
Thanks now i drooled everywhere Haha
New front springs
Welded up a splash guard for my cone filter. welded my exhaust bracket back together. made a redneck turn down.
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