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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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ok i just got motivated...

this is my new background.

DW = Do Work...
i got the lift now i just gotta work up for the tires and wheels.
WOW thats clean.:drool:
Hand washed it and cleaned up the interior. After so many mud adventures the white tends to stain and looks dingy, so a good handwashing was in order.

Fixed a bad ground on my cd player too while I was at it. One less thing I have to hit to make it work.:D
Keep us updated on how the shackles work. Im interested.
eww.. haha
lmao, looks like an adapted tuner wheel lol. The wheel itself doesnt look bad... just cant really see it on a jeep ha.
Im not really hating on them, at least they are a clean looking wheel. If they were 5 or 6 spoke i think id absolutely love em. The 7 is kinda killing it for me on a jeep tho.
Got myself a JF membership. :drool:
I fell to the dark side to day guys.

the very dark side.

You can borrow my flamesuit... :D

At least you didnt go TJ on us... or get a Prius.:rofl:
I don't get it.... I mean... I LOVE my XJ, but I f'n loved my TJ too :rolleyes: I don't understand this all or nothing attitude. "XJ's are the greatest and you can't like anything else..." Why? What's wrong with TJ's and CJ's. I'd LOVE to add a TJ or CJ to my fleet :dunno:
I dont have a problem at all with the TJ. It's just that everyone here has a special place in their heart for the XJ. It's not that a TJ or anything like that would be a bad decision or anything.

It's like being in love with an overweight girl, but dumping her for a hotter girl. Heck yea it seems like an upgrade, but dammit it's just not the same. :D
^^^^^ gotcha....

I just want one of each :cheers:
Can't blame you there. I've always wanted a YJ, myself.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Signature worthy!
:laugh: Nice.:rofl:
oh god yeah id need a vid for it but i dunno if itll happen. im not gonna buy rims so id have to find a some stock 17s that would fit my jeep.
Too bad you're not a little closer. I think i have some stock '99 GT wheels off my mustang laying around. I don't know about the centerbore of the wheel, but the bolt pattern is the same, and they're 17's.

Surely someone around your area has a stock set of 99GT wheels or something similar they could let you borrow. Nothing quite like annihilating a set of tires to brighten a man's day.:tea:
Tinted my windows today. I like to stare at people at red lights and whatnot. :rolleyes:
How about some pics of that?
Ha, I'll work on that tomorrow. I've been toying with the idea of tinting it for a while, but white looks soooo clean with dark windows so I went ahead and did it. I'm no professional but I'm decent enough where I trust myself not to hack it up too bad. I did everything but the front windows today to see if I'd be ok with that, but as with anything else I do on the Jeep, it's never enough. I will be tinting the fronts tomorrow.:D
How about some pics of that?
Ask and ye shall receive.

If you got a lil over 30 bucks laying around, have some patience with a razor blade, and like staring at people without people staring at you, tinting your windows yourself is always a fun adventure. Mine turned out ok.

Picked up a couple new A/T's today too after a little wheeling gutted my sidewall.:D
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Looks good, but I don't think I can legally go that dark here in NC :(
Yea, my part of KY is pretty laid back on most everything that other states have a real hard-on for. I'm sure I'll hate the tint when I'm wheeling, but the look and privacy of it is worth it, as it's also my daily driver to keep the Mustang out of the weather.
I have a 20,000lb that I pull the **** out of people with. best 12 bucks I have spent!
Same here!! Mines been nothing but great!

It got plenty of use today... after a buddy of mine called me because he needed a recovery, I ventured into the woods to get him out. Turns out he failed to mention he was wedged in tight, and just as I budged him out of the spot he was in, I was greeted with popping and clicking at the front axle.

As of today I have a noisy 2WD XJ. :brickwall
Just woke up and going to pull the jeep into the garage and then start tearing the engine down.

Going to do the head gasket and get rid of my exhaust leak...
Ugh, i need to get rid of my exhaust leak. Exhaust manifold is cracked something nasty, sounds awful. :eek:
Pfffft....Come talk to me when that first digit is a "2". Then she's REALLY broken in.
Yea, when they hit 200k a free can of PB blaster and a tube of Neosporin pops outta the dash automatically to prepare you for the next 100k. :D
Did 2" spacers in front and quadratec heavy duty leafs in rear. Think I need another inch or so in the rear????
Personally, I wouldnt touch it from where it's at right now, I'm not much on a nose down Jeep at all, which is what it would probably look like if you messed with the rear.

Jeep looks good though, looks clean and purposefully done. ;)
Took these custom super smooth spider gears....

... out of this Jeep. :D

Serviced my tranny and got 4x4 working again. Plenty of progress for one day.:thumbsup:
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