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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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today replaced brake line i broke having fun over the weekend...its the price ya pay sometimes but atleast it wasnt a axel
i think i blew the motor listen to the idle
YouTube - Erik's Jeep.
Front Aussie locker ....god i love this thing
Custom fabbed my "ryans truck fab" bumper of ebay to hold my winch ....took alot of work and some clever thinking.....nothing makes you feel more acomplished than a custom fab job
checked out my rear sway bar, gonna take it off this weekend
DOO ITTT ...rear swaybars suck
Unless you have no front sway bar then it's a good thing.
best way to run is front discos and no rear
My rear sway bar acts as my bump stops for the rear.
Do you really need bumpstops with 5" of lift and 32's?
true have yet to bumpstop i need too ...not really something i have looked into though ...espcially running 33's on a 3" lift
I can wait to get my 6.5 long arm in
Yeah id love some bumpstop advice as well
Finished fabbing my winch mount to my bumper today
heres the support underneath that welded up


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AHHH jeep cancer has consumed my floorboards and rockers...nowhere else though...time for custom sliders anyone got a good build thread on custom rocker pm it ot me
Couldnt get my sisters coach to fit through her door and was half tempted to use my winch to rip it through LOL
contemplated putting in a steering box brace i traded for i hear they can be bad in some cases and crack the frame...input? pm me
XJ's dont have frames... come on Erik! :laugh:
Quite JORDAN you know what i meant

Also just ordered some jcr frontunibody tie in brackets to strengthen my bumper tie in now that i have a winch :2thumbsup:
what write up are you going to use?
Your title has xj in it but your pic is a tj??????
20,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
read his sig
I did afterwards
I guess your new around here?

haha not really i just overlooked it
Driving her from central Ohio to Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri tonight for about 5 months of Army training. She's been all checked out by my good friend that's an awesome mechanic and he gave her the thumbs up. So wish me luck and hopefully my XJ doesn't fuss to much.
I did my basic and Ait in leonard wood ... Fort Lost in Woods LOL
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