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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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i missed it, i am on vacation and havent seen it in about a week =(
i was busyong working on it all week, and finally got done today. put in a RC double shear track bar, IRO tie rod, also put on my coil spacers and shackles, then flexed it out....

shackles REALLY help with droop:

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emptied out the back lol got some stuff to install this week :) front skid and 1" t-case drop. oh and filled it with gas 35 bucks :thumbdown: lol

than im sitting home at like 915 all nice and relaxed and i get a text from my friend " my car died, can u come jump me?" i was llike ugh! lol but me being me i couldnt say no... so off i went i jumped his nice new 08 mustang in 2secs lol he not going to live that one down anytime soon :)

i dont trust T case drops, it ****** my crossmember all up. First the stock crossmember bolts wouldnt come out, so i had to drill them out, but they got drilled on an angle:brickwall, so the new ones wouldnt go in, so i had to take a 1.5 inch hole saw, and cut into the "frame" and cut out the old stud things, and replace it with a bolt and nut:brickwall
so now i have 4 holes in the already weak unibody, next i gotta get TNT frame stiffners. lol
put on my RC discos, i would reccomend them to anyone, they were cheap, and disconnect and reconnect really easily, no clunks or anything also!:thumbsup:
drove it to school in back.. found a rear dana 44 off an 89 XJ for $300... 3.55 gearing. should i get it? or spend the money on the jcr stage 3 sliders?

so tempting 2 Nice Racing Car seats. Never Been Used!!
i say get the sliders, you already have the chryco 8.25, theres not much of a strenght difference between the 2.
put on my sliders!! also ordered a safari rack:D
anybody know the cheapest place to get bushwackers? story later
i got em for 365 shipped, on sale with a promo from 4 wheel parts, ( i think) ill look it up, and we need said story
Did this:

Cowl snorkel. Will have more pictures Sat when I touch it up and buddies g/f is around since her camera phone beats my blackberry pictures by far. Don't mind the broken fairlead mount.... JCR sent me out a set of the new fairlead mounts that are cut and folded so there are no welds to fail from angled winching... just need to find time to put them on. Gonna power wash and pb blast tomorrow night. Long arms and SYE planned for Sat. Finally putting on the pile of parts that has been in my room for all these months. If things go REALLY well Sat I'll install the CB too. :D
lemme guess... cowl intake??
im from paramus NJ, hbu
put on my IRO exhaust today, it sounds SICK! it was a PITA to put on but now shes all good
got some new meats

33x13.5x15 superswampers TSL

and i took off my fender flares.

now you need to change your sig! btw it looks great!
gonna try and tighten the serpentine belt... anyone know how to do that?
retensioned my serp. belt.

took her for a ride cause it was so damn nice.
looked for one.
let us know if you find one, also are you getting rid of the tj or gonna keep both?
drove through 2 feet of water, the streets around here are flooded completely, and my powers out till tuesday. FML....

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washed it:eek:
It knew what you were up to and it didn't want you to go drinking and driving. :highfive:
Jeeps: what cant they do?
Did the cab corner cut, installed my duel CB whips, finished welding and painting my frame stiffeners, started construction my "from scratch" crossmember, started welding the mounting points my "riot shields" for the windows and I sketched up my new front bumper on a post it note.
pics please:cool:
shackle relocation brackets!!!!!!!!! from H.D. Offroad Engineering

this is full droop

doesnt look like the relocation brackets helped much with droop:confused:

heres a pic of mine at full droop:

did they help with ride quality at all?
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you can get something off a ZJ just like that at a pick n pull for next to nothin. if its your only option i say go for it.
Will they fit a XJ off a ZJ with little to no mods? Because theres a ZJ with one at my local JY that i havent pulled cause i didnt think it would fit.
yea, you have to trim the back of it if you have a hitch though.
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