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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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I saw some chick do that in a ZJ in the commuter parking lot yesterday. She even screeched the tires :eek: I think I could hear the tranny crying. Women drivers :facepalm:

No kidding....I can't get my wife to understand that stuff like that is NOT GOOD :eek: She mashes the accelerator into the floor all the time too...causing the poor minivan ('05 toyota sienna) to down shift hard all the time. She uses the pedals more like switches :rolleyes:
I think my 1990 XJ that I used to have had a mind of its own. My GF at the time went to drive it once and it did not want to start. I get in and it started fine every time. She was like why won't it work for me? I'm like because "IT KNOWSSS" :rofl:
:laugh: NICE!!!
I spun the tires in my TJ with my son in the Jeep after a monster truck show and freaked him out :) Then with both kids in the car (7 an 5) I did a little fishtailing and sliding in a dirt parking lot and then were grinning from ear to ear and kept asking me to "do it it again..." Now the TJ is gone as of monday :( and the HEEP (XJ) is taking it's place
WHAT IS IT WITH WOMEN!!!! I already commented on my wife's driving, but I didn't realize it was all women that used their vehicles as trash cans too.

I'm trying to teach the kids that they don't leave the car unless they grab everything they brought into it. If you do that then stuff doesn't get piled up in there. Throw your trash away and take out whatever you brought in.... IT'S NOT HARD!!!! How am I going to teach them if I can't teach her though ???
I throw junk in my passenger side footwell, but I also clean my jeep every week. :p
Can you come and clean mine while you're at it too? :D
I find my passenger's clean it out more often than I do. This is on a clean week :rofl: oh, and hey.....looks like the garbage fairies stole your stereo.... just wanted to make sure you were aware got NOTHIN on my wife :laugh: I would LOVE it if she kept it that "dirty"
a little Krylon Fusion to clean up the flares and and door panels. I still need to do the other side and the bumpers. Then there are the wheels/tires I picked up for $260 mounted. I think this is the 3rd place I've posted this :)

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I started to swap my class III hitch on but then I got tired after taking 3 bolts of my class II. I came inside and posted about it on JF.
and then went and checked for parts for this one really cool JF member :D
I'd say the gf is a keeper trying to convince you to keep it. I have to have my speech all planned out before I talk to my wife about either acquiring something new or even keeping what I already have. I lay the pros and cons out nice and neat and ALWAYS get my way :) I just wear her down until she has no fight left in her and she caves...hahahahaha

In Fact I just got her to sign off on me getting this... 96 Jeep Cherokee I'm heading up to look at it tomorrow after I get the kids out the door to school. It's about an hour away or so. What do you guys think?
Hit up the bottoms of my doors with Rustoleum bed liner. Not too shabby. I still have to do the passenger's side flares with krylon fusion as well as the bumpers and end caps. I'm not sure if I'm doing the bumpers with krylon or the bed liner yet.... leaning towards krylon to match the flares. It has a slight gloss to it while the bed liner is dull. I'll post pics in a few days.
This is what color I'm going to paint it whenever I get around to it...

I might like the look of this better if the bumpers and flares were black to break up the color. Thats just my .02 though :cheers2:
Looked for a new one..

XJ's are so overpriced around here, I could get a wj easier than a 97-99 xj in decent shape :brickwall
I've been looking for a new one for a few weeks now. My price range is $1000-$2000, which is really doable around here. I should be able to get a '90-'96 with less than 200k on the clock, already lifted and at least on 31's :cheers2:
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