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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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I wired the winch so it could be operated from the drive seat. just flip on the power switch on the dash next to the rear defroster and then the in/out switch next to the e-brake will run the need to dig for the remote cable when im stuck. Cost about 20 for all the parts.
Replaced tie-rod end

I replaced tie-rod end that connects the drag-link to the pitman arm...went quick once i got the correct tool for removing the old one.
Steering box fixed

I replaced 15 washers...dont ask..that were used to space the steering box from the frame with a c-rok inside frame plate.
played with the angle grinder

i trimmed the front fenders more and trimmed the rear fenders and folder back the seam. I also replaced the sway bar bushings.
Went out a tested the new tires

Went out and tested the new tires and alignment. Made sure the cleaned up fenders would not rub.

how do i imbed the image in the post?
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have to have more than 50 posts, this should make it click free

that is an interesting fender trim upfront, first time ive seen it, not sure if i like it or not personally but its different and interesting for sure

Thank you for that info..

The first time i trimmed them i followed the wheel well but did not like them but they would have matched the rear.

I had to get new tires, the rears sliced into the tires and the fronts were very close to doing it.

I wanted to make sure they would not touch the tires so i went with the straight cuts.. and i do like it.

I jest need to get some bushwacker flares to see if they will still fit the front.
Bypassed fan control switch

My heater and a/c were stuck on low. I pulled the panel and found out why.

I think I knocked it loose when installing the stereo and its ate itself.

I went to a junk yard but they wanted 50 for the parts to replace it....

So i by passed the switch and it runs on hi when the heater or ac is on.

This will hold me until I find new parts at a decent price.
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I shattered my windshield when removing the shifter handle... fix one thing and break another...

Its a shame you dont live closer to me cause I have 2 windshields with one in the garage.
Thanks for the offer. I just got the new one installed...much better then looking through the old pitted/chopped one.
Tested rifle

Went to a remote location and tested to make sure my rifle still fired...

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I flattened a tire, knocked off the tail pipe, dented the body up a bit and spilt a 64oz fountain drink on the floor.....

I did get the jeep to 12,075ft in the process

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I wired up my exhast with a coat hanger to hold it until the new system gets installed tomorrow and noticed i also crushed in my gas tank.
out with the old

in with he new

Its a lot loader and has a good droan at midrange rpms....might need to get a different muffler.

If I manage to knock this off I might be a little to rough on the jeep..
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Car or Jeep?

I usually do it with my hands.
I hammer a screw driver through the filter when they are stuck on. they are pretty soft metal and it does not take much. just off center. works great...a little messy.
Ordered a new gauge cluster with tach, installed smitybuilt gear seat covers added clinometer...still waiting on new hd track bar.
Lights installed

Installed some lights, they were really cheap. will have to see how good they work when it gets dark...

i added 6 switchs, they controll relays in the engine bay...

Only the 2 on the left currently work
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walmart...they were 4.50 each
installed rubicon express hd trac-bar and bracket...finally the popping and creaking is gone... Also installed new gauge cluster with more dummy lights
replaced front driver side light park light no longer dangles in the wind.
Installed my new rocker sliders...

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