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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Bought one (actually on the 23rd)!

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Oregon187 said:
Finished building my JCR Offroad DIY bumper today.

Now I just need to paint it.
You have inspired me to spend some money on the XJ! I was unaware of a pre-cut DIY bumper on the market. Assembly looks relatively straight-forward and the price is right. Did you have any issues assembling yours?
Answered my question just before I posted! Thanks.
Didn't do anything to/with the XJ today, but I did receive a new parking brake handle assembly in the mail. Thanks to JF member McGuyver_XJ for the hook-up!

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That looks good. Been looking into doing a mild, inexpensive lift to my Cherokee. That may be the perfect option for me!
Oregon187 said:
Yeah ouch!
That's not too bad. I put $115 in my Dodge the other day - twice.
Loaded it up to do a little wheeling tomorrow. Should be fun since it's completely stock!

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Went wheeling today in the stock Cherokee. Managed to smack the front bumper a good one and crushed the driver side rocker. I had already planned on doing a DIY bumper and replacing the rockers with rock sliders. They are pretty rusted.

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pdcomm said:
So ...

That's no excuse . I switched out my water pump in the driveway . Out in the elements , in low light no less .
I too have done this. In the rain and about 35 degrees out. Also on a transverse mounted engine which allowed me the pleasure of laying down in the mud to get to some bolts.

Repairs can be done anywhere. It just depends how bad that repair needs to be done.
Jeepnbo said:
Very true. Plus i would like to start doin my own repairs, It makes hard to pay somebody to do a repair im pretty sure i can do but usually due to time i cant have my xj down for a long time, and my luck only runs the bad kind.
You learn alot doing your own repairs and upgrades. And I completely understand using a mechanic for times sake. I've got a truck in the shop right now just because I couldn't make enough time to work on it.
What a clever way to use playing cards! I haven't seen this done before. I like it!
Joshharris98xj said:
Wheeled it a little, didn't get Amy pictures of the "trails" it was more of very tight trees and mounds. Had a blast and got 5 inches of water in the floorboards. Got it a little too sideways for comfort on a few. :) No pics on my phone but I got stuck in the deep hole in that water and had o be winched out twice
Looks like it was fun!
RebelRidinRyan said:
Oh it will. Mine's got 233k on it. runs great but my axles had to quit. Haha
Mine has 307k. Still running strong. They live a long time!
Spokes said:
Is anyone running the new RC2.2 shocks? My rears blew and they sent me 2 New ones but they mount differnt, the body is now on top, and the shocks have NO rebound. I can move them up and down with ease? Can someone explain how this is gonna work? With my blown shocks my jeep is about 1" lower. RC said the shocks work better?
The shocks on my TJ were the same way. I thought it was a bit odd too, especially the no rebound aspect of them. They haven't given me any problems though.
Purchased a DIY front bumper from JCR offroad. Been thinking about getting one for a while now. Figured I may as well get it while they are having a sale.
YoureverydayXJ said:
.........fuel tank skid ........ I would NOT recommend the Tomken Machine one.
I've got the one from Savvy. It's aluminum so it's pretty light. I was hesitant at first being aluminum, but I've slammed down on rocks several times and have barely scratched it.

I hear the Rokmen skid is great too.

Edit - oops, thought I was still in the TJ thread!
Came home to find that the UPS man dropped off something.
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Note my son's little comp-cut TJ. He loves that Jeep!
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MattBillyTayloe said:
I got the exact same thing a week ago :cheers:

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Looks like a quality product.
Oregon187 said:
That JCR DIY is a great bumper. I didn't even know how to weld when I bought mine. I'm still not an expert but I have a much better understanding of welding now. I have some pics of mine in the beginning of my build thread. The tie in brackets are easy, they just take the place of the standard brackets. You will have two pieces of metal left over.
Funny thing is that your bumper build write-up was a strong deciding factor for my purchase! I like the 2-color paint scheme you did too.
Today I changed out the plugs, wires, cap, and rotor.

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Not that there was anything wrong with the old plugs!

Yesterday I changed the oil and pulled the front bumper in preparation for the new one.

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