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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Got my 3" RC kit done, got my tires and wheels on

View attachment 375086
what size tires are they ???
I have some catching up to do;
Bought the XJ first week of Feb.
(other than initial maint.)
-cragar soft 8's
-lifted with 3" zone AAL and coil kit
-rust repair in cargo area
-undercoating on rockers and door bottoms
-white face guage kit
-LED dash conversion
-temp guage install
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friday I did the 97-01 mirror swap on the 93.....
I like being able to actually use my mirrors:thumbsup:
they absolutely BOLT DIRECTLY ON !!!:thumbsup:
you take door panel off,
remove black plastic triangle above door panel, along with rubber piece behind it (all just snaps on),
then remove 3 nuts (IIRC 10mm), mirror is than free.

repeat for install .....

with mirrors in hand you could do this in 30min.

They use they same type of grommet where the wire enter's the cab and same nuts, I got power mirrors and left the plug lay behind my door panel, I figure i'll find a schematic someday and wire them up.
I adjusted them by hand and they hold and look great, plus FOLD IN !!!

I went to a local JY and pulled them for 50 bucks.
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worst case, you can get them on ebay for $32 each.
So it would be $64 total shipped, there is also a guy in the "part out" section that is parting out a "2000 fern green" XJ that has both mirrors and pretty much told me to make an offer.|Model:Cherokee&hash=item56479cbd67&vxp=mtr
They are xenon h4 housings and 8k HIDs I love them they do scatter a little light but not as much as people will tell you. 120 for all of it you can find them on eBay

The pictures with them on were before the little wiring upgrade that came with them(much better lighting).
check out that glare:confused:
Finally finished my engine... Purrs like a lion!
all tha work than ya put GTX in it.....:confused:

At this point you should be running a HDEO like Rotella T-5, and possibly a ZDDP additive for the brake in period.
Yes, additives are in, and for first 500 miles, gtx will do, and last I checked, even zddp additive makers do not recommend synthetic oil for break in... Just saying...
this is true ....
(T5 is a syn-blend) but there is always triple T from Rotella in 10-30.
Yea i looked on and they had a ton of racks for cheap
does nobody else see the humor in this !
The 12' has the 3.6 which makes much more power than the 4.0 and 3.8
that's ok I'll stick with my good old "non" aproved by liberals 4.0.......... (or a 5.2)

quite a few guys locally are having VVT issues with there 3.6l mini-van motor equiped JK's, There is also two guys around here with rubicon's (the 3.8) that uses a qt or more of oil between OCI's both under 50k !
^^ and wsar10ucious say; "He who ride on hi-way with broken in half windshield become "Headless Jeepman". ":peaking:
Lets see I got caught in a relight cam $160 missed it by .4 of a second, I took my exhaust off to do some work on it ad you can see(will have a new set up run asap) added a little insurance while I was at it. I loved it because I got to drive around my dads built hummer :) exhaust will be the death of me
plead not guilty and check the box on the back that says something similar to "I was not driving" or "fleet vehicle" and they will drop it.
Just got back from the junk yard with these beautiful seats out of a '03 tiburon. Looks like they will go in the XJ easy, just have to make a small bracket. got them for $65 for the pair. It topically is not a you pull, but I've used them for years so they let me free roam and give me great deals since I don't mind to pull things myself.

Got to love these guys, not only because of how great they are. But also because this is there yard truck for pulling parts. That's right they know what a real vehicle is!
I would be concerned about the "tilt back" (not the seat back)of the seat bottom.
What I mean is that car seat's sit lower at the back of your *** (for a lack of better terms) than "truck" seats.
A buddy and I ran into this with putting cavalier RS seats in an S-10 we built, we compensated some with the brackets but it still never really felt right.
Good Luck, and keep us posted.
Installed some yellow H3 bulbs in the KC's today.

6k HID's and 130w KC's

KC's look good.....
The incorrect HID setup on the other hand, is another story:nono:.
I have hair down to my shoulder blades.

what makes you think you have the right to tell anyone how long to wear their hair?

what makes you so special that if you say someones hair is too long they have to cut it?

chill grandpa, I'll grow my hair as long as I damn well please...
mine is beyond my shoulder, and with a strong work history, and being a business owner, homeowner and owning rental properties i'm the furthest thing from a hippie....
stereotypically or politically !
i retrofitted bi-xenon 35w hids with true projector lenses into my headlights but just came across this on ebay. im not sure if i like it or not i kinda do but kinda not sure

obviously i that projector is garbage so would try to take it out and put my real projector in there. i like the white leds running up the side but wish they were amber and i would use my existing amber led 3157 bulbs for the signals......or keep the white leds on the side and use the white/amber switchback leds for the signals. ( white leds for parking/running and amber leds for turn signal)
Im not sure if I like them yet but I added them to my watch list to think about, I would just stay with halogens for that particular projector and yank the white LED's and replace them with amber from work. I deff. won't pay that for them but next year they will be half that !
I feel like JF is the Jersey Shore of online forums. With Back_in_Black as the star, Snookie.

Gimmie my bumpstops damnit!!! Jerk
it was not always like this, We have slowly gained a younger crowd and others that act like kids.
I'm simply gathering opinions on options for my jeep....not to mention you have only been a member for one year longer than me. Not picking a fight, just don't get why people get so mad when I express my opinion, but expect everyone else to be fine with theirs when they express theirs.
actually I was a memeber here since 06, but had to redo my profile.
I was not singling you out in any way.....
I guess that means you have a guilty conciance about the subject :eek:

but since you brought it up, your one of the guys that think this particular thread is your personal thread, and gathering opinions don't involve making a classless post cursing at ppl !
I bought a front bumper last nite from a local kid, He was junking his XJ and told me $75 for the front bumper, it is homemade and VERY solid.
I could not pass it up, it needs alot of work like most importantly i'll be cutting off the grill guard portion of and making the top of the bumper smooth and all level. I think the grill guard looks quite hillbilly like and it's gotta go, then we will strip it down grind the welds smooth and bedline it. But again it was only 75 bucks and with some TLC I should have a very nice bumper

This is what I'm starting with......


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Good call on cutting it off, looks terrible but the rest of it doesn't look bad. Plan on replacing the grill guard or just running without it?
for now just running W/O it.
But my buddy has a tubing bender so maybe in the future we can do a single tube that goes in front of just the grill and put lights on it. Kinda like a small version of a stinger.........
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