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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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fixed my power locks, seat sliders didn't quite work, put the Dash board back together, changed blower motor, greaseed it, installed 4 wally world BAJA's, 2 fogs, cleaned the hell out of it, and now, i have a leaking radiator.

isn't that great?
found all this yesterday

that's basically how mine looked.

OH and to comply with the thread, put another new radiator in the 8 months i've had it
put down peel n seal and then swapped my interior from the 88 to 90 and then discovered my pinion leaking gear oil all over the place.

I thought i would have at least a month before the bearing goes but i think i will have to swap the axle now.. grrr.
what is the peel and seal i keep reading of???
As much as I want to make fun of you for doing that, I can't, as I've always wanted to do that, along with beefing the motor and getting some mud tires and fog lights on it...
I AM guilty of the crime myself, including a 24volt upgrade to my son's yellow corvette.

check out

next is a remote controlled VDUB beetle for my daughter, cuz she's too little now, and it'll be 12v instead of 6v
agreed, but you ruined it with the paint IMO. :thumbdown:
i agree, but it's yours
Got it back. 80 bucks for a guy to stick an effin little hook down my window. What a gip lol.
On mine when the floors were rotten, i stuck my hand up through the floor and pushed the power lock button, it was a beeeeeeezotch wrestling with the carpet backing, but i got it, luckily it wasn't in a public place where people could see, so nobody laughed at me.:cheers:
Got some gas, I am gettin' 14.47 mpg with a lead foot.

Also snapped some pics,

nice rack, nice to see you dig my original design.

back to topic
yup, i have the same problem. i noticed that when i park my jeep facing downhill, it doesnt leak, but when i park it facing uphill it has a huge puddle in the passenger footwell.
hey, me 12
started lookin for new tires to go with my new lift.
someday ill own a warn winch, but that day is not today... or tomorrow.... or 3 months from now. Im limited to buying gas and saving the rest of my money right now. :laugh:
Mill, i thought you get the hook-up for gas??? Or is that long gone??:thumbdown:
NADA-DAM thing, lost my keys to the heep and the spares are also MIA, if my floors were still rotten, i could have stuck my arm up through, but those days are long gone.


I'll just do the toggle switch/push button starting thingie, always thought that was cool anyway.
Installed my CB inside my 97+ center console. I can pull the cord out when I use the CB. Then when I don't need it, I can stuff the cord back into the console.

Also installed a new Ram mount for my Garmin.

Wheeled it this past weekend.

Just got my DeeZee truck box and bolted it into the bed.
So where's your ebrake now???
put in a 1998 center console (what a biiiiiiiotch it was getting the different e-brake to work, cuz its offset on the newer ones), so now i finally got CUPHOLDERS.........................its great
What sort of probs? I just finished installing them. Seems like a fairly simple circuit.
Battery > Fuse > Switch > Lights

oh boy.........
hmmm thats ok lol i just made an offer to a guy on CL he was asking 350 for 4 rubi wheels.. i said ill be there tomorrow with 250 cash so we shall c if i can steal em for that low. fingers crossed :2thumbsup:
Did you get those wheels???? you're talking about the guy in clinton, right???
filled it up half way since anymore than that and it leaks gas..still gotta get some rtv to fix a few pics of the flares and light bar now

why dont you put any flares on the back???
found out i can get spacers through work cheap so im gonna get those and those canyons and run em offroad!
how bout you "hook a brotha up" and also get me a set as well???
finished assembling it after painting it from red to yellow/graphite................ill post up pics tomorrow.
went from this

to this

It's painted with rustoleum sunburst yellow, did all the prep work, though i didn't get carried away on the bodywork and what not seeing how soon this will be a trail rig only, as i'm looking to get an MJ for a dd.

i'll get better pics in the sunlight as soon as it stops raining for a day here in NJ
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