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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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Replaced the Fan Shroud in the gf's XJ.

Such a ***** compared to the ZJ.

I will most likely by buying one these fans,
Very easy install, it is making loads of difference in city driving, i now longer pray for red lights to change.
Thanks a lot.

Going to buy it for the gf's jeep in January. Just gotta get some bills together.
Went to go work on the interior lights today. Damn things are not there.. There is no wiring, no nothing...

Only thing that lights up when I open the doors is the Circle around the ignition.. So I guess I am going to have to wire something..

Also cleaned out a **** ton of Wawa bags and drinks. (NJ people know what I mean, **** piles up)
Put a cheap ebay Shorty on it.

Runs so much better. Set it up a little ghetto for now, I plan on fixing it once it stops raining.

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have fun when u hit water...
Only running this until my jeep is back on the road, then hers gets a Safari Snorkel. Thanks for telling me something I already knew.
you could do what I'm gonna do and make your own snorkel, build a foam or wooden core then lay fiberglass down, that way if you ever do rip it off on a tree, really the only thing you are out is time and the cost of the fiberglass, you can either repair it, or build a new one using the same core...
Was going to do that, But hers will just be a show queen. Then when I get my JK, my ZJ gets parted out, and the JK becomes a new dedicated wheeler.
I tested my new OBDII bluetooth program on the gf's jeep. She has 2 codes. :(

Also had some fun..

Checked out all my suspension and steering, feels like death when I am driving... everything is pretty much worn out. I guess after 125k that happens.

Debating on if I should upgrade to otk setup and lift, or just replace and keep it stock.

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Drove it for the first time with the lift installed... Really disappointed :( thinking of gettin another one and just doing 3" and 31x10.5. Just a build a really clean on.
Wth? Did you expect it to drive like a caddy?
******** jeep. Im going to put it into a tree..

Oil leaks from the back of the motor area.
Not sure if it is a valve cover gasket, or a rear. Only does it when it is warm, and at the "full" spot on the dip.

Makes a weird rubbing noise in the rear when on un-level turns. I am assuming its the exhaust rubbing.. So I got a few quotes for that today.
imthehink said:
To annoy other people, and to be cool of course.

Your going to be replacing those quite often unless you get a quality kit such as
Mcculloch. Also please retrofit true projectors in your housings if your going to be running hids. You dont get the full effect of an upgrade like that with your housings. Not bashing you, just saying.
Just saying.
My cheap ddm kit, lasted 3.5 years on my jeep. Being swamped in water and so on. Now they are on someone else vehicle and still work fine...

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Oil leak is getting worst. Hit the gas and almost died from the smell of burning oil. :(

99goldxj said:
Buying a pair of Hella 500's for 20 dollars shipped. I got my deer lights for my drive home. Going to put them on my front bumper which means I need to buy a metal drill bit.
You suck. I was going to buy those off matt.

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Haha good luck inn the jeep by the way I always likes yours and I'm stoked about the red one
I feel sorry for you..

And anyone else who gets excited for someone who has a rough country lift, and complains about the lack of ride quality.

All new steering and suspension.
Hubs, brakes, tune up, and oil change..

This month is going to be a busy one.
-Rudy- said:
Oh I forgot, you're the elite version of us. The elite version with the 35's and the 3.55's on open diffs.
Lol. Yes your right....

Oh wait. Im building an 8.8 with 4.10s and building my hp30. So **** off. :)

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Joshharris98xj said:
Jut threw my doors back on and my passenger window won't roll up...great
Psh.. no need for doors.

Did you male sure you covered the connectors when you took them off?

If not, just take a wire brush and and some air to them.

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