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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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It's a grill guard/push bar. I would love to be able to find a direct fit bolt on but it's not possible without spending a small fortune.
That's a really nice picture shoop.
Please don't drive with a fuel tank under 1/8th. You pick up garbage from the tank and the fuel pump is cooled by the fuel in the tank.
I ordered it 2 nights ago and it was $21. They dropped the price a day later. Think they would give me the discount if I emailed them? When your bank account has $8 in it, every dollar counts haha.
I ordered mine Wednesday and was a lil bummed the price dropped $2.10 after I ordered my lockers. I was really hoping Lokka would've had a BF sale. I figured they wouldn't though as they're all the way down under...
I wouldn't wheel it but it would definitely make it to the non-winter dd parking spot. It's about as ugly as you can get while being cool as hell.
Blue is this harness your pushing usable with stock lights?
so i know when mine gets here tomorrow, you should only need to swap the ground and low beam positive. the low beam i believe to be the right side plug wire.
I went to my job interview and I start Monday. I have lived in this frozen tundra they call Michigan for a week and a half, PAYCHECK!
I also had something waiting for me both when I left and when I got back home...


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HEY! I ordered mine Wednesday last week and couldn't order it sooner. I had to wait until we were moved. I'll be happy to be able to see at night again.
The woman's Sorento has heated seats. I thought i peed my pants when it started getting warm. I've dealt with ambient temperature seats as long as I've been alive and don't need 'em now! LoL.
I never said **** about need. But I want all sorts of things. For example right now I could use a beer. :cheers:

I'll just have to hit a part-out or two over the weekend and see what happens. there's as many KL's popping up right now as WJ's anyway.
I never said you said you need. I said I don't need, and I don't need heated seats. A beer on the other hand I need. Beer is a need and anything else is a want.

I got the headlight relay harness in. It's purely plug n play. I have no idea where i read the center electrode on a regular headlight is ground. It's obviously not.

Someone loan me $6k so I can go pick this up over the weekend.
I'm glad I've never dealt with rust on a vehicle before.
You've never dealt with rust? I guess I have a few choice names for you and anyone else who can claim this.
Rust sucks and it's worse when you think you have none because it's hidden. Brother-in-law's WJ had the rear lower control arm pull straight off of the 'frame rail'. It turns out the entire rear-end was rotting from the inside out. It looked beautiful and new from the outside...
Can i get a link for the good h4 conversion housings? My ebay won't bring up anything but **** hid and rampage.
Thanks in advance guys.
Rampage is a good set, real popular.

I installed these alongside my pucto harness back in college: I like em, real white light from the bulbs and a pretty good throw pattern from the housings. Oh, side note the big 'DELTA' emblem on them is just a sticker. I peeled it off before the first time I turned them on. They look pretty much stock installed.

The putco didn't last but the housings and bulbs are still going strong.
Most reviews say Rampage isn't good. I won't pay $130 for a conversion with those blue bulbs from Delta.
The Hellas are what i was going to buy before I saw the Autopal set which mschi772 recommends. Once I refound the Autopal, I ordered. Complete set of 2 housings and 2 bulbs for $43 shipped. !/2 the price of Hella and 1/3 the price of Delta. $65 gets me a full upgrade :D
Horrible steering wheel shake when braking but only from about 58mph down to 52mph. Off to buy some new pads n rotors to see if it stops it. I guess I'll check all the steering while I'm under there.
It sucks to have a garage but still work in the driveway because the garage still needs cleaned out and new lights put in.
Now I have something to do today besides drive it. :D
I wish it wasn't raining.


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Thanks. Got it done. Just the grill came off. I could also not be mad if it was 2$ more and had an extra 7-10 inches on the long side
I wish mine had been 6" longer on both light harness ends.

Got the wreath with a bow and no lights this year. I'll make a light string next year. Next year I can procrastinate it another year.
S8N, screw em. It does not matter 1 bit or make 1 ounce of difference in your life what anything thinks of you. As long as you're happy, aka the wife is happy, you have nothing to worry about but your new baby.
Stay frosty!

Driving an hour and a half to meet DirtJeepGuy. Finally a working overhead console
I'm the other direction, dude. Bring that thing up here. You can bring the old pizza cutter tires with ya too.
When she hits her teenager years, you show her boyfriends this picture. You tell them simply, "This is how I will always see my daughter."
If you do this, I dont even have to wish you good luck ;)
Yeah, beautiful little girl you have there.
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