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What did you do to your XJ/MJ today?

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seriously, one of these threads needs to stay alive in the XJ/MJ section and what better time to get a real one going then now with the creation of the XJ/MJ GD. now, lets keep this going.

for me, all i did today was take pictures of my newly cut front bumper.

picture a few posts down.
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75/90 is what you're supposed to use. Make sure you don't have a limited slip rear axle. Your model may not have come with one, but parts may have been swapped in over time. If you have a limited slip you need to add friction modifier.
And the easiest way to tell would beee? Jack up the rear end and spin the tires?

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Played around with the welder on the bed of the MJ.
That thing is schmexy. Good looking rig.

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I love harbor freight/Pittsburg. You get what you pay for, I've got a 1/2, 3/8 and some 1/4 sockets and ratchets that work just as good as crap-on. You get what you pay for imo, kinda like little ceasers pizza, $5 for a large it won't be as good as pizza hut but it will definitely get the job done haha

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The way I see it, if you buy a piece of crap and can't realize it by how it feels or how its priced, you deserve a little learning experience.

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This one is kinda bothering me today.
Was that you recording that?!
Sheared my shift linkage taking poser shots on a woodpile like a *******.
Can we at lest see the poser shots?
Havent drove the jeep in a little over a week due to the plates being expired. But I got pissed tonight and drove it to work anyways.. (recklessly sure) noticed the front end is still a bit loose and it still has a front end shake around 55-60

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That could just be an imbalanced tire.
I'm leaning towards a combination between a nother bad tire and bad ball joints
Checked both diffs... Rear is full (a little milky but I'll touch it when we get more gear oil).. And go figure the front was bone dry just like the transfer case was a couple weeks ago...

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Loading the jeep up to go to school and noticed my rear corner dented. I guess my dad decided I need some armor. View attachment 2314001 View attachment 2314009

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Plunger might get it out unless you can get your hand in there
Transmission just died on me on my way to work... ****

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Disconnect TCM drive it like a manual?
I threw it in first and it just revved up. Put it in park and pushed it like it was in neutral
Oh jeeze. Sorry to hear its that bad. JY would probably sell you one cheap.
100 bucks at the jy. Got it towed home and my dad said he put it in 4wd and drove it round the yard.
Frustrated and pissed off at the XJ more & more every day. Before doing a refresh on some cooling system components, never had overheating issues.

About 2-1/2wks ago I did the following:
- new 195F thermostat
- new thermostat housing
- Flowkooler water pump
- ZJ fan clutch upgrade
- new hoses all around

Hell, even went & cut vents in the hood 4-5 months ago on a whim.

Been watching the temp gauge run hotter & hotter every day.

Threw an OBD scanner on and started tracking the coolant temp w/ the Torque app.

Avg idling temp is 220-230ish.

Freeway driving gets up into the 240-250 range.

Shut the engine off, come back 5-10 min later and the OBD pegs it in the 260s.

I am really debating on just going to NAPA, getting stock components and replacing all the "upgraded" stuff. Seems like all the "upgrades" have had the opposite effect and driven the engine temps through the roof.

So yeah....... I'm quietly raging inside. :mad:
I feel your pain. Its one thing after another and after that other thing gets fixed it's 20 more things. I'm contiplating on selling the heep or trading it off for something different
Could the transfer case going out cause my transmission to stop pulling all together?

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Found out that the jeep is still driveable. 2wd and 4wd. I guess the transfer case just popped in neutral... I was to pissy and in a rush to fully look at anything (noob move I know) but my question now is what would cause the t case to go into neutral on its own?

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My transfer case likes to occasionally pop out of 4 low. I think you just need to adjust the linkage underneath.
But has it ever popped out of 2wd into neutral?
Check your t-case shift linkage. If it gets in a bind, strange things can happen.
I just tightned it up a couple weeks ago. It wasn't too terribly tight but who knows I'll probably check it out tomorrow.
So I got sent this top pic from a guy that rolled his xj... Exo fail?

View attachment 2333450
Trailer park boys for the win!

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