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What did you do to your WJ today?

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Tell us what you did!

Show pics!

I washed mine and Im still waiting for my lift to show up!

I put my new WHEELS and tires on with the jack :)

And replaced driver side axle shaft and changed all diff fluids.
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Made some ditch light brackets:
View attachment 4154618
View attachment 4154619
View attachment 4154620

Seat covers installed a while ago:
View attachment 4154621

Made an Antenna mount:
View attachment 4154622
View attachment 4154623

Got mans best friend set up for the rides to the hunting grounds:
View attachment 4154624

Running out of things to do. Driving myself crazy waiting for my lift. I have all the bushings, control arms and isolators all ready to go!
Also waiting on my FlowMaster exhaust to arrive.
Those seat covers look sharp! What brand are they?
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Car

Brought my Jeep to the shop for an alignment. Installed IRO's 3 inch lift kit. Feels pretty good, I'll definitely be upgrading to the heavy duty Addco rear sway bar.

I was experiencing death wobble as soon as I hit 55 mph on my first attempt to drive to the alignment shop. It was an hour away so I decided to just turn around. Found I hadn't installed the new adjustable trackbar tight enough, so after doing that it was better. I could take it up to 55 to 65mph with no wobble, but if I got a decent bump at that speed it would set it off.

Really hoping my caster angle just needs to be corrected and a better overall alignment will help.

My mechanic looked over the vehicle and didn't see anything wrong with the usual suspects (tie rod ends, wheel bearings, loose components, bad bushings, etc). I even have a new heavy duty steering stabilizer.

From what I was reading DW isn't usually caused by a bad alignment, but a bad alignment may trigger it and cause it to happen more often. So I'm wondering if my alignment will "fix it" or just make it less likely for me to experience the DW since the root cause is still there?

I'm not sure. Hopefully if I still get the DW I can track down the cause. It'd be a bit of a waste to get everything aligned only to find out later that I have to replace a component that would require a new alignment.
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I noticed the CV boot on the left front was split wide open. I looked back through my service notebook to see I first replaced this boot in March 2020 with a Moog. Somewhere around January of this year 2022 I replaced it again, this time with a Crown boot.

So I got 21 months out of the Moog and 8 months out of the Crown.

Replaced today with a Mopar boot. The Mopar is significantly stiffer than the Crown. It feels almost like plastic where the Crown feels like pliable rubber. I would have thought pliable was better but we will see.

View attachment 4159758

View attachment 4159759
Wow, for some things I'm starting to conclude it's worth the extra $$$ to replace things with original Mopar components. When I know the original components lasted nearly 20 years, vs an aftermarket product lasting 2 years, it seems more convenient to spend the extra money rather than being inconvenienced with replacing stuff over and over again.

Idk, guess it depends on long you plan on keeping your vehicle. I'd like to run mine into the ground, but if I was planning on parting ways with it in a year or two, I'd probably just stick with higher quality aftermarket stuff.
Automotive design Font Tints and shades Triangle Midnight

Drove my WJ into the six digits today :)

On the negative side, I did this while driving back from a referred alignment shop an hour away, only to find I wasted my money.

They must not know how to make corrections with my new lower adjustable control arms, because they didn't even adjust my caster! They said they couldn't fix it from pulling to the right, but I can almost guarantee that's because my driver side control arm is currently longer than my passenger one. A quick review of my control arms would've revealed this, but they didn't even touch them.

Plus I'm sitting at nearly 2.5 degrees more than is recommended. Oh well...
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Replaced my halogen headlamp bulbs with LED. Yeah they aren't DOT approved, but I really couldn't see jack, even with new halogen bulbs. I made sure they're properly aligned not to blind others. Well worth a $70 upgrade!

View attachment 4161958
Nice! How do yours project? I found mine to be very splotchy and wavy after going to LED due to the reflectors in the OEM housing. I ended up switching to aftermarket headlight assemblies and it's super clean, and even throw.
Drove 270 miles to the Green Mountains in Vermont. Attempting to drive up a neglected mountain trail with a friend who's family owns a bunch of acreage on this mountain side.

It poured yesterday though on top of a bunch of rain previously.

The "trail" is super muddy in some sections, and we're leaving 16" deep ruts. We've been cutting down small pines to use a traction to get out of a few bad spots.

A told my wife it looks like I need to invest in a winch!

Tire Land vehicle Car Plant Wheel

This is where she's safely sitting for the night as we set up camp. We'll have to try to get some more branches for traction for the next 10 yards. Once we get past this section I think the worst of us is behind us til the top of the trail.
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Made it up to the top of the trail. Minus the really muddy section where the water drains down the mountain, she went right up no problem.

On the way down, I made a mistake of hitting a slick spot and sliding down into a really deep rut.

Tire Vehicle registration plate Car Plant Vehicle

Tried making these traction boards, but didn't have any luck with them.

Wood Trunk Terrestrial plant Plant Grass

Finally we came up with the idea of trying to use the wheels and rope as a homemade winch. Worked perfectly and pulled us right out!
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I didn't even know anyone made bolt on versions.

I bought the DIY weld ones from IRO, and my cousin welded them all up for me.

Hat Light Automotive tire Wheel Tire

Honestly, considering that a bunch of WJs are running with rotted out perches, and the bushing itself provides a decent amount of support, I think those bolt on will be just fine.

And easier to replace if need be.

Also, dropping your axle to remove the coils is the way to go I'm my opinion.ive removed my coils and even added 3" lift coils with that method no problem. I'd rather not mess with coil compressors personally.
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Made it to Florida!! Introduced it to it's new cellmate. View attachment 4163445
I like that front bumper trim! Its a 2004 right?
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the bolt ons seem to be good enough for me, I’m happy with the result and only time will tell how long they hold up. Some people also tack weld them into place, but they fit snug in place without any welding and are held in by the sway bar bolt and the bolts for the shocks, and obviously the weight from the spring holds it in place too. They also make weld on buckets where you remove the whole bucket from the axle and weld the new one onto the axle . How long has your perch repair held up?
Well I just got my the coil perches welded on early this past Spring. So it's too early to really tell. I sprayed them with Rustolium, and I honesty expect them to last as long as I own the Jeep. (Assuming I never do an axle swap) 🤔😏
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Got my off-road bumper on, along with my flag quarter window graphics. View attachment 4164410
View attachment 4164412
Wow, that looks pretty clean with the bedliner!! I've wondered about doing this myself in the future as my paint gets worse and worse.

What did you use? And do have any photos of the whole Jeep?
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Sky Car

Threw a Christmas tree on top! 🎄
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Nice looking jeep there! What wheels are those?
Thanks! They're Mammoth brand. My wheels are their Boulder Simulated Beadlock model in charcoal.

Was looking for something that wouldn't break the bank and got two out of my 5 wheels "blemished". The blemished ones (cosmetic only) were only like $99 each I believe. And the offset was exactly what I was looking for 👍

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Sky Land vehicle

Automotive parking light Sky Tire Wheel Vehicle
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What is the offset? 0mm?
Yep! 0" offset, 4.5" backspacing. (They're 8" wide rims)
Sweet, that’s the same as the wheels I bought, I’ve been trying to validate my choice as I’ve been afraid they would poke out too much.
I'm also running 265/70r16 tires if that helps.
That’s the only difference, I plan on getting 245/75/16 so I can keep my spare tire well cover flush
Ah OK. Yeah, I don't have a spare in my Jeep at the moment. (Relying on AAA and roof mounting it for offroad sessions).

That size should fit nicely though. And keep the vehicle cleaner with less sticking out!
Wow. That rotted spring perch really dropped my jaw. I should probably take a closer look at mine next time I am under it. Nice work on the repair!
Definitely take a look! One of mine was literally non-existent.😳

Hand Automotive tire Tire Finger Wood
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Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Got to test out the General Grabber ATXs in some light snow/sludge! ❄ 👌
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Went to rotate my tires (5 wheel rotation) and realized my spare wheel must be a 5x4.5 bolt pattern! They must've sent me the wrong one! 😠 😤

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle
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Today‘s the first purchase for the new to me 2004 GC RME. I found a set of 5 17” rubicon take offs. Wheels only, but still pretty sweet! Next in no particular order, IRO lift, tires, hk winch mount and badlands winch. Then im hoping to be done, but maybe a spartan locker for front. Here they are, basically brand new!
View attachment 4169443
Nice! And looks like a perfect match for your WJ's paint!
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