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What did you do to your WJ today?

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Tell us what you did!

Show pics!

I washed mine and Im still waiting for my lift to show up!

I put my new WHEELS and tires on with the jack :)

And replaced driver side axle shaft and changed all diff fluids.
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Actually, Darkness has been sitting since then. I had to source a new trans and tcase, which took a while. I should have her back on the road before this weekend. Seems like the problem was actually that the trans seized. Somehow one of the lines to my aftermarket trans cooler got pinched, but I never got a trans over temp light or anything. Craziness. I've been driving my backup Dub since September.
Awesome rims!

Could you please give me some details about brand, model, offset, backspacing, etc etc?
I got it dirty!
Awesome picture!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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I went with these. . I like how subtle the change is and the price was great. I installed new sockets and these new red spider led bulbs
Hi Fayceoff,
Could you please post some pictures of your new tail lights with the new bulbs on?
I am curios to see how do that bulbs look like when they are on.
Sure. I'll take a pic when my daughter gets home with it.

But I think that they are not for the european tail lights...:frown2:
We have 5w and 21w lamp in the same bulb, those "spider" bulbs have only one light (if I am not wrong...)
Buy an Overland from 2002 and start the Build...


Greats from Germany
Awesome wheels with more awesome rims!

Which brand and dimension are those rims?
Got one of those hitch shackles, figured it was better than nothing.
European tail lights?
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I cleaned up my rims. I tried washing them before but it didn't do much. Here is a before and after with some wheel cleaner and scrubbing with aluminum foil.
Awesome Job!! :thumbsup:

In my opinion those are the most beautiful rims they made for the WJs, it is a pity that there are not in Italy...:crying2:
Finally got front OEM tow hooks!
Crossing the world from USA to Italy! :smile2:
It is a long time since I wanted them..., I was near crying for happiness when I saw the USPS box carried by postman...:grin2:

Many and many thanks @Double E :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


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The upgraded fully enclosed Akebono brakes didn't hit the D44 til late models in 2002 (not all models, they went standard on 2003+)
I am sorry, probably I am misunderstanding, but...., Akebono calipers on the rear axle?

On the rear, all WJs have Ate (Teves) calipers...

...unfortunately :crying2:
Today was a big day for my WJ, I went from being stock to slightly better than stock.

I installed Bilstein shocks (thanks Kolak!), new Moog spring isolators, a 2.5"/2" budget boost from, and a set of JK take offs with almost new tires (265/75R17) I picked up off of Craigslist super cheap a few months back.

My measurements before I started were 18.5" from the center of the hub to the fender all the way around (slightly higher for some reason in the rear drivers side), and after I was 21.5" all the way around. I gained 3.75" in ground clearance from the combination of the BB and the larger tires.

My shocks were shot, causing horrible wear to my front tires and I went pretty quickly from a front end shimmy to death wobble. I probably need to replace my steering stabilizer, but the death wobble is gone!

Awesome Job!!
@LelandGray: ...but, just a question: are you going to sell your previous rims? 0:)
Really beautiful, better than before!

P.S. Your hood always awesome!
I opted not to use the drip tray that came with these vents. When they're mounted on a Grand Prix they sit pretty close to together and utilize a common underhood tray.

I'll fab something up for each one out of some thin gauge sheetmetal in a few weeks, we're hitting the dry part of the year hear so I'm not too worried about water getting in, plus these are sitting over the top of the valve covers and intake plenum so there's not much underneath that I'm concerned getting wet.
Very interesting job... :wink2:

But..., it does not rain on spark plugs/coils?

Are them functional? does the engine run cooler?
Along with some OBD2 code readings, fixed a broken exhaust clamp. Gave her a bath to get the dreaded salt off her.
Really a good engine cleaning! Compliments!

Just a question: did you painted the valve covers in matt grey/black?


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I am about 80% finished with this install. I just need to button up the remaining parts around the steering wheel and then put a loom on the signal wire and hook it up to the sensor. I just wanted to show how it would look from my perspective. It is an autometer transmission temp gauge on my DIY steering wheel shroud gauge pod. When I am looking at it it only conceals the miles on the odometer. Time for an after work beer. :cheers2:
Could you please tell me where is the signal wire for trans temperature?
I would like to do the same thing, but I don't know where is the transmission temp sensor.
Thank you in advance!
many thanks for your answer; actually I don't have any gauge; I have been wondering about installing a sensor on the transmission line since some years, but not seeing anyone doing this, made me thinking that probably it was not an operable idea; but after reading your post I said: "yes!!

A picture of where and how you installed the sensor will be very appreciated :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Many thanks!
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Many thanks for your time and many thanks to 99sajeep.
Really useful pictures and suggestions.

Using the two plugs suggested by 99sajeep could be a really good thing.

But..., what do you think about starting a dedicated thread to these trans temperature reading methods? :thumbsup:
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Again many thanks for your help.:thumbsup:
I am sorry..., I have one more "stupid" question: which is the "hot" trans line: the one that in origin enters in the top or in the bottom of the radiator?
Used the opportunity to teach my 12-year-old son how to do disc brakes. He did one side, with my help, and I did the other while he did what I showed him to do. Then I showed him how to power bleed. Kid's learning.
AWESOME! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
discovered the source of my scritch-scratch from the brake rotors. It's rotational but intermittent, indicating some misalignment. First I suspected the dust shield, then the seating of the pads, and finally found the culprit by accident while the rear end was on stands for a driveline alignment. Turns out my hard working but often overzealous helper was a bit too judicious with the deadblow on the axle shaft flange during install (the bearings were a super tight fit on the fabbed ends) and it now is ever so slightly off kilter - just enough to cause the intermittent scritch scratch against the caliper. and did I mention it was chromoly? real fun.

Sorry, I can't understand exactly which was the problem...
Is the Chromoly axle a little little longer than the original Mopar one, or it was the flange bolts not correctly torqued?

I am asking this because probably I will buy a Chromoly axle....

Many thanks for your answer!:thumbsup:
I installed the radiator deflector, tow hooks, and grill. Does anyone know what the piece to the left of the deflector (laying on the bar) is called?
Always there is something to learn...

I have never seen that shield on a WG/WJ here in Italy...

neither that shield above the axle and neither that kind/shape radiator shield
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