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What did you do to your WJ today?

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Tell us what you did!

Show pics!

I washed mine and Im still waiting for my lift to show up!

I put my new WHEELS and tires on with the jack :)

And replaced driver side axle shaft and changed all diff fluids.
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Had the radiator replaced as it had begun to leak; my Jeep had just turned over 116k miles last week when this happened. I also had a new water pump, upper & lower hoses, new Stant thermostat and Stant radiator cap installed as well to be proactive to head off any possible future component failures.
I don't see heater hoses in that list. :eek:
Dang. That ain't gonna buff out. :(

Does anyone make stronger axles for our junk? The stockers look like they were adapted from a Chevy Cavalier or something. ;)
Ive seen these ones, but the price will give you a heart attack :

I've also seem some chromealloy ones with ujoints for about 300 a piece I think. Can't remember where though.
Yeah, those guys are insane. :eek: Spend over a grand only to watch the diff/gears explode. I guess the only real solution for hard core wheeling is to upgrade the entire front axle assembly. :( Fairly easy on solid axle GM's. Just track down a Dana 60. :cool: What do hard core WJ folks do? (Or is that an oxymoron???) ;) Although, anything is possible if you spend enough money.
Can somebody possibly define "hardcore" on these WJs please? Just so I don't feel I'm on eggshells every time I'm out with some other jeeps. More worried about breaking the damn thing rather than enjoying the ride. Lol.
You don't have to worry much down where you are. I grew up down there and used to wheel in The Savannah's east of US1 before it got paved and subdivided. It's pretty hard to find enough traction in that slop to snap axles.

Big rocks and locked axles are the most deadly combination for axles. Add in a hard turn of the steering wheel, a bit too much throttle, a bounce or two to really get some insane instantaneous shock loads on the drivetrain and things go bang. In a bad way. ;)
Fitted my recovered steering wheel - combination of perforated and smooth leather.
2mm thicker than standard with thumb grips. Delighted!
Thanks to Jack of Royal Steering Wheels - Aylesbury, UK.
That came out beautiful! But you installed it on the wrong side of the Jeep. ;) ;) ;)
Just been doing maintenance stuff on the '01 with 4.7 and Quadra-Drive. Replaced the PCV valve, replaced most of the ATF that was in the power steering system with proper Mopar-spec fluid, drained the T-case and put in Mopar 247 fluid and then drained the rear diff and put in 75w-140 synthetic fluid and Mopar friction modifier. Still have the front diff to do, as well as dropping the trans pan for a new filter.
Cleaned the battery terminals and grounds, also sanded the battery posts with a drill (not sure If that was smart or not) now there nice and shiny.
The right kind of tool for the job: Cheap and works great. :cool:
I'm a fan of the 4 in 1 type tools - LINK.
I have one of those also, but it's in my plumbing box. They sell the same tool with a different name for cleaning copper fittings before soldering. ;)
Is there a ground to the body or exhaust or anything that is related to the starter? This is driving me nuts.
There's a starter relay under the hood. Try switching it with another of the same type. IIRC, the horn relay can be swapped with the starter relay.

So yeah, Jeep designed a system where a switch energizes a relay that energizes a bigger relay (the starter solenoid). :eek:
Built up my courage and ripped out the dash.

Took up the other half of my garage with parts.

Then I discovered that there's a lot of differences between the single zone heater box and the dual zone. Mine is a single but the condensate drain part was busted off so I bought a heater box from a part out that was the dual zone, I figured that most likely the top would be the major difference so I would split the case and use the bottom... nope. So now I'm searching for a single zone heater box.
Where is the rest of your stuff? :rolleyes: That is the cleanest garage that I've ever seen! :eek: ;)
LOL. It's a decent sized garage with a nice storage bunker off to the side so most of the other junk is in there plus that's not a true representation of what a mess my garage is right now.

You can kind of see the storage bunker off to the right in the pic.

right now you can't even get to that bench for all the WJ parts piled up. It's driving me nuts. I like to keep my garage clean.
Aha. My garage IS my storage bunker. :( Transmissions, t-cases, lawn tools, power tools, hand tools, spare parts, oils, gear lubes, paints, chemicals, etc., etc., etc. :eek: A recent move from a place with a 3-car garage to one with a 2-car garage only made things worse. But I did get rid of the 350 and 454 that I had been walking around. :mad:
Installed new ball joints on the passenger side
The ears of the C's should almost be touching each other. Check the other side for reference (well, unless you did both sides that way). Here's a quick pic I took of mine (left in the pic is UP).


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View attachment 2457034

Lost most of piston 6 to the oil pan.
Bummer! I'd guess that #6 cylinder wall is not looking too great either. :(
The fact that I destroyed the Dana 35 in the rear of the TJ this past weekend...
Perfect opportunity for an upgrade! :cool:
Got my winch bumper and rock sliders installed from Offroad Armor based out of Colorado Springs! :highfive:

And took it for a little trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park before Trail Ridge Road closes for winter!

Nice shot of the blacktop. ;) I always liked driving up the back way, on dirt. If you go in at the Estes Park entrance, turn right at the Alluvial Fan (it's also interesting to stop and look at the devastation there and read how it happened!).
Just in case anyone is wondering the rear dif is a pain in the arse.
Did you jack up your rig first? There's no room back there until you get the gas tank up and out of the way. :)
I'm going to get some of that black fender trim stuff to protect the edge and provide a cleaner look.
Be sure that you do a very good job of protecting the steel that you exposed with the cutting/grinding. The fender trim stuff will do an excellent job of trapping road salt right up against the edge of the fender, where it will work its dastardly magic of making steel disappear. :(
Slapped in a set of dash speakers from The Infinity Gold system sounds pretty sweet when ALL the speakers are working. :) Took longer to get the tools out of the garage than to swap the speakers. Here's a shot of one of the old ones. Yeah, it didn't sound too good. ;)


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Did a bit more of this.....Decided that there is more to do though. Its still further from the body than I would like.....even with the space I've allowed for bigger tyres. Gonna cut the wheel mount and move it an inch closer to the tailgate. It will still allow a 255 and 33 inch....and because of the type or off roading I do wide tyres don't help....cant see me ever going past 245. Even though its still only tacked together is very solid, even when open to lift the hatch. Will look a lot better welded, painted black with bigger over centre catches. Slowly but surely!!

View attachment 2615370
Looks good, but I would reverse the catches so that the handles aren't sticking down where something could catch and open them on a trail. :eek:
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