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What did you do to your JK today?

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Stole this idea from the TJ forum who stole it from the YJ forum. When I had my TJ this was one of the best threads to get ideas from and was full of great pics.

I'll start us off.

Today I powerwashed the heck out of it after my trip on Sunday to the Badlands. See HERE for trail report.
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Should have started this one this weekend, I would have something useful to put into I didn't even drive it...:(

However, this weekend I changed the oil in the engine and the diffs...
Drove it on a short business call then later back to the dealer for water leak. Got the tires muddy on a construction site :2thumbsup:
Another thing I did today is remove the AC vent rings for painting. Bought two cans of Rescue Green from the dealer and a can of duplicolor clear coat from O'Reilly. Need to pick up primer tomorrow. I'll be sure to post up pics when done.
Came home from the dealer because they can't fix the leaky top (lol). They have to order parts. Going back Monday.

Yesterday I drove her on the beach, and tore up (not in a bad way) the beach and had lots of fun.
drove it for the first time (and my first stick experience) in morning rush hour traffic!

that was fun!
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Showed it off to a few coworkers, then wiped down the dash/radio/instrument cluster to get rid of all the dust that came in from having the top down on 2 miles of overgrown two-track road by the lake the other night.

Came home, and told myself for the 8th night in a row that one day, it'll rain again, and I'll get it in some mud. It is only 8 days old, I guess. It's play-day will come...

-- jason
I had my Jeep in the shop all day getting the squeaky clutch fixed. Runs great now.
Worked on my Mopar front bumper mods to fit the Warn PowerPlant. :2thumbsup:
Got new 31' hercules trail diggers... looks badass :)
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i used it to push my drift car into the lift bay so i can pull the motor
Yeah guys, let's keep this thread going with detail and pics.

I'll put pics up tonight after I get done painting the vent surrounds (Stupid primer)

Here's a pic I stole of what it "should" look like when I'm done, minus the steering wheel spokes which is only for '08 and above.
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I pulled mine into the shop I work at, and tried to see why my e-brake isn't working. Pulled the covers off the center console and saw a "U" shaped metal spring/bracket (?) in there that looks out of place, but I can't figure out where it goes. Anybody know anything about the e-brake mechanism?
Yesterday I tried once again to isolate the cause of my death wobble post-fixed caused by this a few weeks ago:

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Dropping mine at the shop in an hour or so for some new & additional lighting, and also throwing some endcaps on my home hacked up front bumper! Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.

Adding HID headlights, HID 8 inch windshield lamps, and a big ol' Xmitter bar inside the top of the windshield (if they can build a shield to properly block the reflection).
Put in the Delta H4 quad bar lights.
Turned them on and instantly felt like a Civic owner.
Took them out.
Reinstalled the OEM lights.


(I may try and find a less "fake HID" bulb and try again...ugh)
For my heads, I picked up an HID kit from Xmitter. I obviously haven't seen them yet, but I went with pure white, as I just can't deal with the blueish or purplish tint in this kind of application. I'll show you on Friday and see if it's an option that might work for you.
Adding HID headlights, HID 8 inch windshield lamps, and a big ol' Xmitter bar inside the top of the windshield (if they can build a shield to properly block the reflection).
Inside huh? Thatd be an interesting effect... sort of an undercover officer look.
I dropped my baby off at TeraFlex PLUS this morning for a TF long arm upgrade. Including 6" coils to boot.

(I "stole" the pic from thier website I hope they don't mind :shhh: )

Yeah baby! I am totally stoked for this one, and I can't wait to get her back. Ideally, she should only grow about 1" taller than she sits now (based on my math and the 4" coil/spacer combo thats in her at the moment) but the amount of flex she'll gain should make for a huge difference in performance.

We're going to be in Moab for the weekend of October 10, 11 & 12. Sounds like as good of a place as any to exercise the the new suspension system.
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