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What did you do to your CJ today?

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This thread was floating around in the TJ forum when I was down I'm stealing it.....

What did you do to your CJ today?
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Got my DD fixed so now I can start on the MegaSquirt and MPFI conversion.
Maybe I should stert with a 4.0 though???
CJ_IceQueen_86 said:
As promised... the new baby is mine all mine...

It was raining so the picture quality needs a lil work...
Gle mhaith!. Ta se an dheas
I plowed snow again with it. What fun. Today it will rain,, Tuesday I'll be plowing again. :) :)
I broke mine. At least I think snow. Oops did I say snow? :D

Well yes right in the middle of this blizzard, blowing and drifting so fsat I finaly took out my windows because they were being covered with snow I couldn't see backing up. I think I did everyones driveway at leaset 4 times in one day. By the time I finished the last one it was time to go back to do the first one. Only got stuck twice.

Wait until it's over. Can't it's only a CJ5 got to keep up with it. I did make some impressive piles though. at least 6' high. I couldn't see over it from my jeep.

What did I break. Engine mount I think. Im getting a lot of flopping around in first gear.

Anyway, spent spent quality time with my CJ this weekend.

How did I get stuck? 1nce trying to move a mountain of snow back to make room for more. Dropped a front tire in the drainage ditch it raised one rear tine in the back. Couldn't get the plow off the pile. Second time was in my drive and got caught sideways off the road. Could go forward and back but not up or down the drive. Either end was blocked by 4' piles of snow. A little tug from a Kubuto and I was out.

Next year new tires! These are 4 years or more old.
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Worked a little on my MegaSquirt this weekend, Got a relay board. Need to figure out how to mount fuel pump.
Put on my new plow today.

I know, needs a scraper blade very soon

Replaced my old rusted plow with a plastic one.
Need plastic gas tank and plastic oil pan and I'm set.

All new lights,
New single switch plow controls also.
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Just a touch. It does protect the front axle very well though. :)

I'm working on a removable one though, if I can narrow the original mount.
Removed the soft top hardware to put on the hard top. Never even had the soft top on at all this year...
Put the newer plow down to test action today. Not much snow but pays to be ready.
Put hard top back on for more weight. Need to add about 200# in the rear.
This plow is 6" wider and much heavier than my old plow and it's all plastic moldboard.
Swapped my Carter YF for a Weber/Solex 34 dgec. Threw in a Holley fuel pressure regulator while I was at it. Didn't fix my problem, but wow. POWER. Me likey. Now if I could just get it to run while driving it...
Is that a 1bbl Weber/Solex? Got any pictures of the install?
Burned up my starter solenoid yesterday when plowing. Push stated it and then it would not shut off. :) ever see a 0 gauge wire get hot and melt the insulation?

Stupid electrical problems. :)
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