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What did you do to your CJ today?

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This thread was floating around in the TJ forum when I was down I'm stealing it.....

What did you do to your CJ today?
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Nice Jeep! Good idea to age those out… I’m sad to say I have to age out my 35” Baja claws with about 50 percent tread left…. They’re irreplaceable- I’m hoping whatever I land in to replace them will be comparable.
Geesh, speaking of Date-coding-Out, I recently had an old BFG 315 a/t tire separate while cruising down the interstate at 65mph. The right front let-go instantly and was Spooky.
Anyway, the tires were probably purchased in or around 2002 new ?
They sat in the hot sun all-day every day for 17-years while the rig was in mothballs.
When the "aged-out" tire cut loose, I was making a shake-down run to a buddies 30-miles south, and made it 24-miles, but was my 3rd run chasing gremlins. :)

Couldn't find Dick Cepek extreme countries, so purchased 285/75r-16 BFG m/t's. yep
I'm liking my new BFG's. _ _ _ at my age, I'll never wear them out.

Did some artsy painting for my front driveline a couple days back:
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Tread

Above photo of the front driveline on one of my 4x's.
I got the grand daughter to help me with the install.
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Have you mounted them yet? Was wondering how they ride? I know my cj5 will never be like riding on a cloud but been redoing it and them were one of the sets I have looked at. I like they are made in USA.
Please note those shocks are for a 4-inch lift front and rear.
I installed Monroe Magnums in the length I needed after my lift. Monroes can be ordered by extended & collapsed length. My guess is the Rubicon Express would work well with even a 2-inch lift.

Yesterday, I gave the bottom of my cj-7 grill opening a Dupont Overhaul.
I have been wrestling with a broken head bolt experience, and am getting ready to re-install the belts, hoses, radiator and fan shroud. The bottom of the grill is approx 2-inch wide and flat for the width of the opening. Quite a bit of red paint was missing, so I cleaned very thoroughly with a stainless steel wire brush (the small ones sold at welding shops).
Then when satisfied, I fired up the trusty Dupont spray can in glossy red and gave the grill bottom an OverHaul.

Greaser out
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