Jeeps are harder on most parts than other vehicles and wiper blades are no different. We asked the JeepForum community to offer some recommendations for the best Jeep windshield wipers and you did not disappoint.

Are your Jeep’s wiper blades doing starting to squeak, chatter, and leave streaks behind that are both irritating and dangerously blocking your view of the road or trail ahead? If so, it’s high time you replaced them. In general, we recommend swapping out your wipers at least once a year, even twice depending on your climate. Wipers have a hard life and the delicate rubber breaks down over time and you are left with a useless bit of equipment.

So we asked you which windshield wiper blades you relied on for your Jeep. The ones you had tested out day after day, storm after storm, and went back to the next time you needed them. Here are your recommendations for the best Jeep windshield wipers, along with some from our experts.

Piaa Aero Vogue

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"I generally run PIAA blades on all my vehicles" said @Buddha_Kip, and it's a popular sentiment.

Piaa uses a silicone rubber that lasts longer with a compound that is meant to help promote water beading - for cleaner glass - and quiet operation. These wipers offer refillable arms. So you can swap only the rubber blade when it is time for a change and not have to put the rest of the wiper frame in the garbage. That can reduce costs for you and it's better for the planet. Piaa shows its Aero Vogue wiper lasting for the equivalent of two years of ozone exposure without cracking, a test competitors failed at just eight months.


Bosch Icon

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Bosch makes everything from power tools to engine management systems, but windshield wipers are one of the products where you're most likely to see the company's logo. They make a wide range of wiper products, their products were recommended by loads of users with @JeepLarry! saying "I changed all of our cars and trucks to Bosch wipers. Been on the vehicles for about 18 months and all perform flawlessly"

Their Icon line is the top of the range and highly recommended. Bosch says that its unique ClearMax 365 wiper blade rubber is extremely resistant to cracking from long-term environmental exposure. In an ozone test, it went 150 hours without the rubber cracking where leading competitors failed in fewer than 50.

The Icon blades also use a beam-style design in place of the more traditional metal frame and hinge wiper. This works better to keep them flat to the windshield glass and it makes the blades less likely to get jammed up by snow and ice in the winter. Bosch blades, no matter which you get, are high up on our list of the best Jeep windshield wipers.



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The company is best known for its rain-repelling windshield coating predictably has an impressive lineup of windshield wipers to choose form.

Rain-X offers its top-end wipers with a beam-blade design that works better to keep the blades clear of snow and ice and planted to the glass. But it also has conventional hinge-frame wipers for those looking for a value-priced wiper and then the middle-ground hybrid wiper. The Hybrid wiper combines the features of beam and conventional wipers, offering a lower cost than a beam-style but much better performance than a conventional wiper. @TeamPSE said "when I feel especially friendly to my ride, I get the RainX wiper blades. My baby likes some "bling" from time to time and rides with pride if she thinks she got diamonds." @CRWK2 likes Rain-X as well, for how they perform in high-altitude Colorado.


Trico Silicone Ceramic

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Nobody knows windshield wipers like Trico. In fact, Trico is the company that actually invented the windshield wiper blade in 1917. Today the company offers a dozen different grades of wiper from bargain to its super-premium Silicone Ceramic wipers.

We really like the Trico Silicone Ceramic because these top-grade blades are designed to last three times longer than average blades. The coating reduces friction and drag on the glass, letting them operate more smoothly and doing a better job of clearing your windshield. The coating also protects the blade material from ozone, UV, and weather conditions, part of why they can last so long in the first place.


Original Equipment

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The wipers that were on your Jeep when it left the factory are always a solid choice. Jeep doesn't want you coming back and complaining about wipers while you're under warranty, so the OEM units are normally very good.

The other benefit of OEM blades is that they're exactly the same as the ones you're removing. So you don't need to worry about buying the blades with the right mounting attachment or having to struggle to swap out the wipers in your driveway.


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