Anyone who has had to change a flat tire on the side of the road knows the pain that is the factory jack. No manufacturer offers what we'd call a good jack with their cars, and some vehicles don't offer one at all. With a Jeep, this can be an even bigger issue. Or maybe that's a taller issue? What we mean is that Jeep owners are more likely than any other vehicle to have taller tires and a lift. Making jacking even harder.

So if you're going to be lifting your Jeep in more than just an emergency, you're going to want something more stable and secure. If you're going to be putting any part of yourself under your Jeep, then you absolutely need something better than the factory part. And jack stands. We've listened to your recommendations and consulted with our team of automotive experts to find the best jacks for Jeep owners.

Pro Eagle Kratos Off-Road Jack

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You've got an off-road Jeep, so why not an off-road jack? This jack is designed with big wheels that let it roll over obstacles as you move it around your Jeep. No more getting stuck on a tiny piece of gravel or a zip tie on concrete, or softer surfaces outside. With the included extensions, this jack can lift to a whopping 28 inches off the ground, making it better than almost anything we could find. There are lighter-duty models available, but you'll probably want the 2 or 3-ton version for lifting your Jeep.


Vevor Electric Floor Jack

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Sometimes all you need is a slight upgrade over the factory jack. One that will make your emergency tire changes just a little safer and easier. We understand that not everyone has the ability (or desire) to spend five minutes cranking on the stock jack at the side of the road. Vevor makes a scissor jack that raises using electric power. Position the jack under your car, plug the motor into your 12V outlet, and press a button. In moments, your car's wheel is off the ground and ready to be changed. The jack is more stable than the factory jack thanks to a wide base and can lift up to 6,600 lbs. It also doesn't take much trunk space, thanks to the scissor mechanism.


Powerbuilt Bottle Jack All in One

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Dragging around a floor jack and jack stands is a bit of a pain. It's also not easy to find a spot where you can jack up your Jeep and still have somewhere to place your stand. This all-in-one solution from Powerbuilt combines a powerful hydraulic bottle jack with a built-in locking stand for convenience and safety. While it won't fit under a car, the Unijack will fit under SUVs and crossovers. So your Jeep should be no problem. This jack can lift up to 6,000 lbs and has a maximum lift height of just over 18 inches. The stable base and dual safety locks make it a great choice for working on your vehicle.


Arcan Aluminum Floor Jack

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The Arcan low-profile aluminum floor jack comes highly recommended. This jack starts off at 3.75 inches, so it can fit under even low cars. However, it lifts to 18 inches, which is more than enough for all but the most lifted Jeeps. The 3-ton capacity is plenty for most vehicles. The big plus here is that this is an aluminum jack. So it costs a bit more, but weighs much less than a steel jack. 56 pounds is no feather, but at least you have a chance of carrying it around your shop or garage.



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If you're willing to spend a bit more money, it's hard to beat the Quickjack system. More like a small lift than a floor jack, it uses an electric motor and hydraulics to lift your vehicle off the ground with the push of a button. Line up the lift points with the lift points under your car and you're ready to go. At just three inches thick, the Quickjack is easy to drive over and it will take your vehicle to 21 inches in the air. It also has a locking mechanism to ensure your safety while you work on your ride. There are models to support from 3,500 to 7,000 lbs, so you can lift even your Ecodiesel or 4xe Jeep.


Hi-Lift Jack

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The Hi-Lift jack is a controversial choice, but it's also a popular one and that's why it's made our list. This is not a hydraulic jack like most of the list; instead, it works on leverage and your own strength. It's designed to lift from your bumper, rather than under the body. So this one is best for those with steel or aftermarket bumpers. The versatility means it can be used as a winch as well as a jack. But the small base makes it less stable than other options and lets it sink into soft surfaces. So if you go with this versatile choice, bring a base plate along. And get some practice before you find yourself needing it on the trail.


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