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My brother had his 2004 4.7L Limited diagnosed at the local Jeep dealership as having a bad SKIM. To repair would require a new SKIM and key (they said). The garage did not say if the lock on the steering column would need to be replaced.

I have access to a 2004 4.7 Limited parts jeep that was running till the valve seats dropped. It has a SKIM and the associated keys.
So I guess my questions are:
  1. What else will need to be done if I install the SKIM from the parts jeep? (programming, etc.)
  2. I don't understand the need for a new key - I thought the SKIM could be programmed with the data from the existing key. No?
  3. Since the SKIM communicates to the PCM, does anything need to be reprogrammed on the PCM?

I've never dealt with the details of how these two systems work/cooperate so this is new ground for me. I do have the FSM but the 'theory of operation' is a little thin for my understanding (after all, it is a R&R manual)
If anyone knows of a good doc that describes PCM and SKIM operation, please let me know.
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