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Weber 36/36

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Product Information
Rating 3
Average Price $353.5
Manufacturer Weber
Recommended Yes: 3 / No: 1

Two barrell non-progressive carb
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Price $335
Rating 3
Pros Works great when you can get it properly jetted and gives then gives good power.....
Cons This 36/36 is one of those Solex Carbs that is re-labeled as a Weber through some kind of license or name ownership. Not a Weber Carburetor!
Recommended no

Comments: I upgraded to and use a real Weber 38 DGES. This carb has great low RPM control with plenty of power and torque. I slowly crawl rocks carring some weight with 33" tires. I get 19mpg on the highway. I love this 38-DGES..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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