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Price $300
Pros Seems to work better than the Carter, although the Jeep was in such bad shape before I'm not sure I could tell.
Cons It's a carb and not fuel injection. If I had the cash, I'd put a throttle body injector on. I've had some weird problem where the choke stopped disengaging for a while last winter.
Recommended yes

Comments: It's a simpler carb than the Carter and (I guess) works pretty well, aside from that issue with the choke sticking for a while that seems to have righted itself. Unfortunately I flooded the engine very badly when I first put the carb on and added gas straight into the carb. Don't. Maybe there's some safe place to do this, but I don't know where. Wait for the fuel pump to do its thing...I had to take the head off and get it and the valves scrubbed off at a machine shop. It had a tremendous amount of carbon on the valves and was running like crap.
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