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Price $1500
Rating 1
Pros None.
Cons Very costly in price when one would consider the time and parts necessary to maintain this mistake. The carb has a record of its problematic nature.
Recommended no

Comments: If this is a review of the DGEC 34, can't be certain by the title if it is or not so I'll assume it is, BUYER BEWARE! My estimated cost would reflect what I would deem appropriate considering how much time and aggravation this carb will deliver you even after you begin receiving the extras pieces necessary. I may have even underestimated the cost.

In my honest opinion this would be a very poor choice to make, unless you want to smell like the fuel that this carb will spew, out and on and around your engine, not to mention the over abundance of fuel it will spill into the engine. Lots of work involved with an attempt to correct or just live with the results from your attempts to set it up, seeing as how the manufacturer did not. Forums are cluttered with complaints on this carbs issues.

As is it should be listed as a Boo Boo 34/34 :thumbdown:

Surly some one had some idea when this carb was designed but I think they must have used the delegated approach to its development. It is a shame for it to be identified with the Weber name.
Look for a genuine old school Weber instead, Check out the DGV Series you will be thankful that you did.:thumbsup:.
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