Warn Automatic Hubs- $100 plus actual shipping in US. I have a '78 Jeep and swapped to a regular free/locked hub. So I have what appear to be OEM Warn "Automatic" hubs available. Nothing wrong with them, I just installed a locker and needed a true Free hub, otherwise those automatic hubs might have wreaked havoc. I'm not 100% clear, but I get the sense these are sought after some. before I give ebay their 15%, I figured I'd offer them here. Complete Warn automatic hubs for a Dana 30, including all the spindle nuts, washers, bolts, etc. This includes the round spindle nut that seems like hens teeth but necessary to make the hubs work. One slotted spindle nut lock washer is a little disfigured from hamfistng in it out, but it's still useable as-is, or straighten it out for no issues. A few of the lock tabs on the washers are broken too, but those are easily gotten or made, or ignored..