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Who should be the October 2012 JF Cherokee/Comanche of the month?

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October brings us 5 snazzy XJ's and a sweet MJ to choose from! This promises to be an interesting poll as COTM voters decide who will be the JF October 2012 Cherokee/Comanche Of The Month. Take time to carefully check them out and when you find your favorite, show your support and approval by casting your vote.

Also please click the
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Feel free to post up with positive comments or discussion and bump this thread as needed. This poll will close one week from today.

Here are your October COTM entries in the order received. Let's get this started and see where it goes! :2thumbsup:

JeepN4KC said:
Year: - 2001
Model: - Sport
Drive Train: - 4.0 I6/AW4/NP231/D30/Chrysler 8.25 29sp
Suspension: - Rough Country 4.5"
Wheels/Tires: - 33x12.5x15 BFG KM2's on Unique Series 252 steelies
Other Notable Modifications: - Aussie locker out back; TnT Customs XD belly pan; Tomken fuel tank skid; Solid Axle Ind. diff covers f/r; installed hitch for rear shackle recovery; rust abatement/rattle-can two toned; fenders trimmed; rear quarters cut&folded; p/w's cut&folded
Favorite Modification: - everything I've done
Least Favorite Modification: - none of them
Best Trail Damage: - the usual pinstriping and "lovetaps" here and there
Build Thread: - My Other Build Thread

Optional: - The XJ is the project/toy Jeep of the fleet and was bought for the purpose of "saving" the WK from trail damage. After getting a chance to take it out a couple times I love what it is capable of so far. Still learning the platform and what it can do so I haven't pushed it too far just yet.

ChiliPalmer said:
Year: - 1984
Model: - XJ Cherokee Chief
Drive Train: - 2.8L V6/AX5/NP207
Suspension: - Front: Random springs (I was told Ford F150) - Rear: 1" Shackle - with everything chopped off it is lifted approximately 2.5"
Wheels/Tires: Cragar V5, 15" x 8", 3.75" BS - 35" x 12.5" x 15" Goodyear Wrangler MTR's (Oldschool)
Other Notable Modifications: - A few body modifications
Favorite Modification: - Boatsides/Rear Quarters
Least Favorite Modification: - No windshield (will be putting speedglass in someday)
Best Trail Damage: - Just a few scrapes and bruises so far ;-)
Build Thread: - Just another LCG XJ on 35's...

Optional: - So I went to a BBQ for my wife's work and the guy had this XJ just sitting there (he lives on 5 acres). I asked if he would sell the front axle (I hadn't really looked yet and I assumed it was a non-cad HPD30 - I was wrong), he said I'll sell you the whole thing for $100. So the next thing you know I've got this XJ sitting in my garage with the wrong front axle, a crappy rear axle, no grill, crappy motor/tranny, etc.

From there is just kind of happened. I found an MJ on CL for $100, bought it for $80 and took the grill and the tailgate and then got $125 from the junkyard. Then I found the tires on CL for $500, then a rear XJ D44 for $200 - I finally decided to go ahead and build it since I had all the parts - of course I had to go the junkyard and pull an actual non-cad HPD30 like I wanted in the first place...

DezertTJ said:
Year: - 1998
Model: - Cherokee Sport
Drive Train: - 4.0L AW4, 231 TC w/ SYE
Suspension: - Re 3.5 Coils, 2" spacers, Full RE 3.5 Leaf packs, 2" shackles, RE Superflex Lower arms, Rusty's Offroad upper arms, Rancho Shocks, Hockey puck extended bump stops
Wheels/Tires: - 33x12.50 KM2s for offroad w/ Cragar Soft 8s, 32x11.5 Bigfoot A/Ts for street w/ Aluminum 15x7s
Other Notable Modifications: - Cut front fenders, Propped hood, Homemade CB mount + firestick antenna, HF reverse lights, super awesome custom trail pin striping
Favorite Modification: - Cut fenders, KM2s
Least Favorite Modification: - RE Superflex arms
Best Trail Damage: - Crushed my fender in on one trip, and the body flexed so much that the quarter panel dented in on the back window from another trip. A BFH has come in handy a few times

Optional: - I've got my TJ as a trail rig, but this is just as much fun! It is my DD and was meant to stay on 31s, but that didn't happen did it....

Tom95YJ said:
Year: - 1999
Model: - Cherokee Classic
Drive Train: - 4.0L, Aw4, 231, HpD30/ 29 spline 8.25
Suspension: - 3.5" Rubicon Express with Full leafs & Bilstein 5100 shocks
Wheels/Tires: - 33x10.50 BFG km2s on 15x8 Rockcrawlers
Other Notable Modifications: - Rigidco Winchbumper & Sliders, JCR Offroad Gas Tank Skid, Spartan Locker in Rear Axle, Smittybilt XRC8 comp winch
Favorite Modification: - Sliders
Least Favorite Modification: - None
Best Trail Damage: - Dented Frame rail from climbing a waterfall
Build Thread: - Tom95YJ's 99 XJ "Black Betty"

Optional: - The XJ is a build in progress, I wanted something that was safe for the wife to haul around the kid, Yet strong enough for me to play with.

billb2011 said:
Year: - 1999
Model: - XJ Sport
Drive Train: - Chry 8.25(spooled)/Dana 30
Suspension: - RE 5.5 short arm with Rough Country drop brackets
Wheels/Tires: - ProComp Aluminum/33" Super Swamper TSL
Other Notable Modifications: - Front winch bumper, Warn VR8500, SYE, Safari Snorkel, Custom sliders and tube re-enforced fenders, Custom exhaust, Hella 500 lights.
Favorite Modification: - All
Least Favorite Modification: - none
Best Trail Damage: - Sliced up some brand new TSL's before I put bumpstops in, big tree dent on back hatch.

Optional: - This is my first jeep, it had a few mods on it and I have added some of my own. I made rock sliders out of some old garage door rails and they look nice and are as tough as any sliders and have a removable step on the passenger rail for my wife. Future Mods include an 8.8 swap and I'm going to build my own rear bumper with tire carrier.

SnowYJ said:
Year: - 1988
Model: - Jeep Comanche Pioneer LB
Drive Train: - Renix 4.0, BA/10, NP231, HPD30 with 4.10's and a SOLID cover, 8.8 rear with 4.10's, LSD, and a SOLID cover
Suspension: - Rubicon Express 6.5 inch lift kit. Font adjustable upper and lower control arms, adjustable track-bar, control arm drop brackets, 5.5 inch coils, GEN2 quick discos, RE Monotube shocks, SOA rear with Warn shocks.
Wheels/Tires: - 15x8 Cragars (soon to be beadlocks) with 33/10.5/15 KM2's
Other Notable Modifications: - Dirtbound Offroad Extreme Winch bumper, Nates 4x4 rear bumper, extended brake lines, IRO Tie Rod, Warn M8000
Favorite Modification: - All new steering components! Made it drive so tight and responsive for an 88 :laugh:
Least Favorite Modification: - Canopy I bought..
Best Trail Damage: - Wheeling it stock a few times and denting both rear corners whilst tearing off the stock rear bumper.

Optional: - As many of you know I started off with my SOA YJ on 35's, locked, yaddayadda. Loved wheeling it, hated driving it. Sold it and went on a search for a Cherokee at first, which turned into a quest for a Comanche. Found it bone stock in Nevada and drove it home to Oregon in the middle of the night. Ran like a champ! Spent the next month planning and buying parts as time allowed and finally piece by piece it came to what it is. Pretty proud at 19 to say I built this entirely and this is just the beginning :highfive:

Thanks to everyone who entered this month and good luck to all!!

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Am I just sleep deprived or are the first 4 the same from last month?
You may be sleep depraved, or you might be right. Most everyone who enters is familiar to me so it all kind of runs together after a while.
I'm pretty sure everyone entered this month is in compliance with the entry rules though. :highfive:

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I wasnt saying that yalls bumpers where the exact same, more along the line of the same concept. Just look at the front view of the vehicles. I am not knocking the bumper, just stating that they look similar and its a 1st for COTM.
No I didn't take it that way - I was just following suit with an explanation of what mine is. I agree - they do all look similar and it's almost a theme for this month's contest. :D

BTW - I have to say, billb2011's second pic in his entry - awesome!

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BTW - I have to say, billb2011's second pic in his entry - awesome!
Thank you, that was before I bumpstopped and you can see my tire was into the fender a little, I used to cringe everytime I heard it rub real hard lol.

Alot of good looking XJ's and MJ this month, good luck to all!:cheers2:

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A very tight contest this month indeed. One vote spread between the top three right now and less than half a dozen votes between 1st and last.
It appears we may see a record low voter turnout this month. Apparently everyone clicking the 'Crawl This Thread' button to keep this thread in the 'Top Voted Threads of the Week' feature on the JF homepage has been a lot of help generating attention in the past. If you not already noticed, that feature has been non-functional all week. I PM'd the new site adminstrator PhillipB requesting attention to this matter and received a short four word response indicating "Added to the list." I know he's probably got his hands full lately though and it may not be resolved in time to be of any help.

At any rate, I added a thread link to my sig for whatever it's worth. It's supposed to be in red but it doesn't appear that's working right now either. I'll see if I can't drop some links in other stragic locations as well.
Hang in there people, this too will pass.
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