I would prefer to sell as a package but will part out for the prices asked.

New 5-760x u joints (x2) - $35

New Dana 30 Timken Unit Bearings 513084 (x2) - $100

New Dana 30 Spicer Ball Joint Sets 706944x (x2)- $90

New Black Magic Full Brake Kit Centric calipers/Black Magic Brake Pads/Centric Rotors. Fits 90-98 XJ Dana 30 - $325

High Pinion Dana 30 Housing. 4.56 gears with zero miles. Black Magic raised sway bar brackets and Clayton 3-link bridge welded on. Long side control arm bracket cut off. Stock shafts and knuckles. Needs to be sanded/painted/reassembled -$250

OEM Ball Joint Press with OTC Jeep/Dodge Adapter- $140

I also have two custom lower mid arms with Ballistic joints and parts to build an upper arm with double adjustable Currie joints if a full three link swap is desired.