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Utility/Boat Trailer Hybrid - HF 1720

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Good Morning,

I recently bought and assembled my first trailer (harbor freight 1720 4x8 folding trailer). I intend to use as a utility and boat trailer. The boat is a 12 ft 83' alumacraft V bottom. So far I have finished:

-Trailer (w/ wiring, stand)
-Clear coated trailer
-Buddy Bearings and Marine Grease

I do not plan on backing the entire trailer in the water. I'm hoping to build an extension to the tongue and adding a hand crank boat winch. Does anyone know how i could go about rebuilding this piece (the triangle with square tube) to Accommodate the length and addition of a boat winch?

No prior experience with building trailers, however, i'm familiar with most tools/mechanics.

Thank you,

Ypsilanti, MI


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Find some square tube that fits inside that part the hitch is on, use a section of tube long enough to reach the front crossbar. Make it long enough for what you need and mount winch to the square tube.
This is by far the easiest option, now that i thought of it :grin2:, kidding.

Do you think I should extend bunks off the back side of the trailer instead of extending the tongue and just mount the winch to the added tube?

Thank you much!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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