Used Weber 32/36 off my 258 CJ.

I have the carb, the plate with pcv vac port, the carb adapter plate that goes on that (the one with the studs) the air cleaner, the screws that hold the bottom plate to the intake and the adapter plate to that. I have the throttle cable mount but it's been bent slightly, shouldn't affect anything but one of the tabs was bent down a bit and then back, as it sits on the studs it'll work just fine and still hold the carb down.

What I don't have: the small nuts that hold the air cleaner base plate to the studs on the carb and the nuts that hold the carb to the adapter plate. Idk where I put them. They're gone. Probably in my engine somewhere šŸ¤£

I really don't know what it's worth so I just threw a number out there. It'll ship in a USPS flat rate box for about $15 so let's call it $15 shipping and make an offer on the carb.

It came on the jeep when I bought it. History unknown. I pulled it and put a mc2100 on because they're easier to work on. I feel the 2100 runs better but the Weber ran ok too. I have the used gaskets too but I imagine you'll want to source new. I'll include them I guess worst case use as a template and cut your own.

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