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Rreplace the siezed 258

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I have a 1980 j10 258 4 sp

My 258 in my 80 j10 has seized. I have not torn into it see what was the cause yet and how messed up things are in. I do have a 4.0 from a early 90's Cherokee sitting in my shop that I could possible put into it.

My head from the 258 is good. just had it cleaned up and new seals put on the valves and I could reuse it.

What headaches am I going to encounter by attempting to do this?

I do have exhaust manifold from the 4.0 laying around that I could use.

so I think I will be looking at using a 4.0 flywheel and clucth. but I am wondering if the bell housing will bolt to 4.0 and the motor mounts will work.

Suggestions and recommendations would be helpful here. I know it is "JUST" 10 years difference in engines. but I am sure there is a difference that will need to be addresses.

Any other recommendations would be helpful

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