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Understanding this XJ,MJ,CJ Jeep talk

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So my mom give me my baby brothers Jeep has a couple electrical issues where where it has a parasitic draw or parasitic drain however you wanna call it so it’s an 8 of 88 so it should be an 89 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer I need to know whether I’m looking at CJ, XJ MJ whatever jeep J wiring diagram and most of them have the J this and I am not sure what that means but
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In 1989 they made a Jeep Cherokee XJ Pioneer.

The pickup version is the MJ and a completely different lightweight open utility is a CJ, but not made after 1986.

So you have one level up from Base, it had cloth plaid-pattern upholstery, steel wheels, and an AM radio with two speakers. A little bit poverty spec but a great 4x4. If you have a 4.0 this is the Renix injection setup, a little different to the later Chrysler injection system.

CJ meant Civilian Jeep, so that makes the Cherokee an X Jeep.

If you are looking at wiring, they changed a fair bit over the years but you need a 1990 or earlier diagram, due to the changes made in 1991.
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