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About 2 years ago I put in a 2" BDS lift with adjustable Rancho shocks. My ride is good, but I think it could be better. So I am looking to do some trial and error shock and spring swaps.

If anyone has some old shocks or springs laying around let me know. I'm hoping to try a couple of combinations to see what works with my rig. Any good take off rear factory shocks would be great. I put on AEV shock shifters and factory length shocks would work great with my 2" lift. I'd love to find some new Rubi takeoff shocks. I had a brand new set of 4 a few years ago but gave them away. I wish I had them now. But if anyone has factory shocks that are still in good shape or other 2" springs I'd love to try some different combos to see how my ride and handling change.

I'm in Fargo.

EDIT: I'd also be interested in a set of rear spring spacers. Just to see how my factory springs ride compared to my BDS.
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