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Trying to determine parking light connector wire - headlight on 2021 WK2 Jeep GC

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I have a WK2 Jeep with the following headlights installed. I'm trying to determine which connector/wire controls the parking (or side) lights.
Is there a schematic somewhere?

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You may be able to find a diagram at Is that from a base model or the HID option?

Edit, saw 2021 read 2012 .. removed early module diagrams
That is the base/halogen model. I've actually replaced them with these... but they have identical connectors.

Trying to get the "haloes" to operate as DRL - they are currently parking lights.
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Quick update... so it looks like the leading parking light (there are two per headlight module) is wired into the turn signal connector, which has three pins.

This socket has common/MIN/MAX labels on the pins. So MIN is the low-intensity parking light, and MAX is the turn signal.

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