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transmission issues

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this is my issue....i have a 89 cherokee 4.0 AT i did a motor swap to a 4.0 inline 6 out of a 95 jeep wrangler, she starts and runs beautiful accept she wont go in drive 1st2nd no problem 3rd same good but in drive nothing she wont move i have to drop to 1st2nd and manually shift till 3rd put her in drive she goes but no power she wont even kick down a gear to gain speed....ive check fluid, linkage, drive line, torque converter, now keep in mind its a 89 transmission on a 95 block if that makes a difference
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The Cherokee AW-4 AT transmission is controlled by a separate computer controller. The symptoms suggest that the trans is fine, but that there is a wiring issue such as failed/damaged wires or wire plugs, something is unplugged, or the Transmission Control Unit computer is faulty.

Did you adjust the kickdown cable using the Service Manual instructions ?
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