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transmission advice

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i have a 73 cj5 with a 304 and three speed stick. i want to swap for the 4 speed with granny low. can this swap be made without changing anything else but transmission. if anyone has an opinion on this swap or has any recommendations on other trans options or if anyone knows a shop or company that offers bullet proof trannys out of the box i would appreciate any info or input. thanks
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I'm not sure about 'out of the box' swaps for the T-4, but I will that my '79 CJ-5/AMC 304 already had this swap when I bought it. I never use 1st gear on the road, it's just too low.

Now, my T-4 apparently was donated from a Ford, and has an adapter between it and the rear of the motor. Try to avoid this if you can; as in get your T-4 out of a keep if at all possible. It'll help with driveline issues in the future.
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