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Trails in Tuolumne County

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I'm looking for some trails in or near tuolumne county. Myself and my friends live in the Sonora/Jamestown area. Also, if anyone lives in tuolumne county I'd love to meet up and do some wheeling some day. My '94 ZJ is stock so I can't do anything crazy.

I know of two areas:
Kewin Mill Road in Sonora (Up Phoenix Lake Road)
Italian Bar in Columbia
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There are some awesome trails back behind Long Barn. You can get a map from the ranger station in Mi Wuk and it list the 4x4 trails.
There are tons once you cross Parrot's Ferry rd and onto Hwy 4 as well. Niagara Rim is up from you along with tons of tough little trails and some long windy rides as well.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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