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Trail maintenance question!

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Hey guys. I'm relatively new to the jeepin community, but I had a few questions about trail clean up and maintenance. I'm seriously considering starting a small, maybe non-profit, club to do trail maintenance and clean up here in Colorado. I know its a huge idea with a small brain behind it, but I hate seeing dirty trails, and with all the fire damage and rainfall right after, its a much needed thing. I love my off road time just like the rest of ya, but its gotten so bad since all the trails have washed out, or been burned so badly. Every time I head up in the hills I bring along a chainsaw, but its definitely not easy to hall trees by yourself! Any suggestions and/or comments would definitely be appreciated. I've been part of quite a few groups before, but never thought about starting one before. Any help would be awesome!

And before anyone asks...yes, I've looked into local groups, but nothing jumped out at me. Everybody is pretty stuck on "their territory" and doesn't like to branch out very much. So I thought I'd check into my own deal. Thanks again guys, and happy new year!