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Torq Masters Aussie Locker [$650]

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Product Information
Price $650
Rating 4
Average Price $260.74
Manufacturer Torq Masters
Recommended Yes: 42 / No: 0

The Aussie Locker is a fully automatic and precision manufactured automatic differential locking device that does not require any manual operation to activate. It does not require any switches, external compressors, electrical cables, air lines, or pneumatic controls. It is positive locking, meaning there is no slippage when locked. There is a mechanically solid engagement of all parts. In contrast a limited slip differential is not positive locking and does allow slippage and one wheel "spin up" i.e. the spinning of one wheel at twice the differential speed while the other wheel having traction remains motionless. With the "Aussie Locker" you get 100% of drive and traction to both wheels.


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Price $300
Rating 4
Pros awesome traction for great price
Cons some clicking noises
Recommended yes

Comments: This is a great product for the price and traction you get. I got one for the D44a. The original price was 229 and I paid 299. It is now up to 400+ due to being discontinued and no other choices are available for the D44a.

I installed this in about 2-3 hours taking my time. It is great having the rear locked and I'm impressed with the amount of traction available in just 2WD now.

I'm thinking of going to put one in the front end (d30) because they are so cheap and easy to install.

I have over 10,000 miles on mine d44a aussie and no signs of problems. The clicking noises still occur but they've gotten less audible. Some people think that there's something wrong with the drive train but I could care less. :laugh:
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Price $269
Rating 4
Recommended yes

Comments: I went with the Aussie mostly because of the price. The Aussie Locker is great. I find my self with the ability to go up trails I didn't think I could. Get's me in over my head sometimes.:) It does click a little not to bad when turning. The install was a PITA.
Price $198
Pros Easy installation
Cons none, yet
Recommended yes

Comments: Installation was super simple. The Lokka is the exact same as an Aussie Locker, but is sold directly from the manufacturer in Australia, and shipped directly for $50 less. Go figure. I just put it in, so I don't yet have any actual usage to comment on.
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