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I want to start buying the tools I will need for rebuilding/ re-gearing my differentials, I have a FMS that tell me all the special tools that I will need and I know that I can buy them from The only problem is that they are so expensive. I haven't asked matco or snap-on dealers in my area. Does any body know where I can buy these tools for a bit cheaper.

I just installed gears in my TJ.

Every thing I needed I got from Harbor Freight.

Large earring puller Large Bearing Separator

Magnetic base Multipositional Magnetic Base with Fine Adjustment

6" Calipers 6" Digital Caliper

Dial Indicators 1" Travel Machinist's Dial Indicator

In top of that basic hand tools and a die grinder to make a set of set up bearings and you have everything you need to get install a set of gears.


1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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