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Tools for differential rebuild

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I want to start buying the tools I will need for rebuilding/ re-gearing my differentials, I have a FMS that tell me all the special tools that I will need and I know that I can buy them from The only problem is that they are so expensive. I haven't asked matco or snap-on dealers in my area. Does any body know where I can buy these tools for a bit cheaper.

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I installed the rear end gears and Detroit Locker in my Jeep, and am pretty handy with the tools (doing side work for many people I know on all sorts of cars.) I wouldn't dare accept gear work for pay. Too much chance of costly error. If you screw up, you will kill any profit you made when you have to buy a new gear set and reinstall it.

The only tools I had to buy were a 3/4 socket and breaker bar to fit the pinion nut (my 1/2" impact wrench wouldn't touch my pinion nut), a dial indicator, magnetic stand, and a set of dial calipers. Plus I had to make a pinion holder out of a 5' long piece of breaker bar.

One other problem I ran into was the selection of shims included in the 'master installation kit' were woefully inadequate. I had to order an assortment of shims separately, plus a few extra crush sleeves.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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