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Tools for differential rebuild

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I want to start buying the tools I will need for rebuilding/ re-gearing my differentials, I have a FMS that tell me all the special tools that I will need and I know that I can buy them from The only problem is that they are so expensive. I haven't asked matco or snap-on dealers in my area. Does any body know where I can buy these tools for a bit cheaper.

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Having the tools is one thing.....knowing how to use them and set the gears up is another.

Gear work is brain damage IMOP. It will take you 4-6 hrs PER set if you are lucky and have all the shimms, and tool, and know what you are doing. Not to mention $300 in tools.

Unless you plan on doing your axles, your buddies axles, and 14 other axles....I would just have them done. Gearwork can be found pretty cheap on Craiglist :cheers2:
But it is something that is nice to know, should your axle break you could fix it yourself, to me it knowledge that is beneficial and if you have spare time you can do gearwork on CL and make some extra money to pay for more parts or to recover you new tools expense.
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Did any of you use a clam-sheel type bearing puller? If so where did you buy it from? or is it not needed but for certain axles?
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