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Tom95YJ's "The Smurf" Build.

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Last Sunday, I had traded my Auto-X Project/DD Miata for a Pretty clean '89 Wrangler Islander . After looking for someone to trade for almost 2 years I found someone was willing to trade.

Specs on the YJ :

1989 Islander Edition (Pacfic Blue A.K.A. Smurf Blue )
4.2Lw/ Ba10 (works for now)
Hardtop with Full steel doors
208,000 miles
RUST FREE minus the P/S front fender

The Bad : Jeep would not idle on its own, and front axle would not engauge in 4 wheel drive. Minor repairs that would scare away most who are not too knowledge able with Jeeps .

My Plan for this Jeep is to keep it small yet capable for a DD/Light duty trail rig

Mods I intend on doing will be

2.5" Old Man Emu Springs (36R's)
Bilstein 5100 Shocks
TJ Grizzly wheels
31x10.50 Tires Probably a set of BFG KM2's
Take off Axles from a 4 Banger YJ for the 4.10 gears ( YJ has 3.07's)
Front and Rear Spartan Lockers
Front and rear bumpers most likely from Eddie (Beserk on here ) he did a Phenomenal job on the ones on my Last YJ !
Rock Sliders with a Tube on them I had PSC Rocker Knockers on my last YJ I may fab some for this one.
4 Hid Offroad lights like I have on the XJ (2 on bumper, 2 on Windshield frame )
8,000 lb Winch Either a Warn VR8000, or another Smittybilt XRC8 comp like I have on the XJ .
Spray bed-liner inside the entire tub.

Here are some pics from the first day once I got home with it.

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zte87 said:
Any plans for off set wheels to fill tho rubi flares up? You got that color pretty spot on the fender looks great!

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I am planning on new wheels when I get the lift on. As for right now I'm just doing little things

Here's the new fender in along with the p/s flare and 1 led tail I finished today


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Gage56 said:
Looking Good Man !!! You ever think of painting the tj flairs to color match like the stock ones did ?
I thought about it , but the black really tames the blue so it's not in your face then I won't need to touch them up from rock rash and brush scrapes.
Here's the completed pics of my projects

Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Automotive side marker light
Vehicle Car Automotive tail & brake light Tire Wheel

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Last night I learned I need a backup light, after a trip to the store trying to back out of a parking spot was a pain in the butt because people did not see me trying to back out of the spot.

So that being said I am going to buy a nice bright back-up light !

I think this will suit my needs :thumbsup:

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Yes, but you will still have problems because you will BLIND THE OTHER DRIVERS!!!! Awesome :)
I don't think it'll be an issue it will be mounted to my crossmember
My L.E.D. interior bulbs came in today, So the obvious thing to do was to wait until it was dark to swap them out !



Comparison shots:

I also replaced my sidemarker bulbs, Man they went from orange to yellow, the back side of the housing also lights up the wheel well !

The bulbs I used are 5 diode T10 wedge L.E.D.'s I picked up 20 off of Ebay for $10 shipped
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will your dimmer work on those dash lights?
The dimmer switch will turn them off. But I have read that due to the way led lights are designed you can not dim them. I sat on the Jeep for 20 minutes last night. They are easy on my eyes at night and I have eyes That are sensitive to light

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in a few of the different threads about replacing the gauge lights with LED's, I've noticed some people with later/different models can dim the lights. Since you've modded an early model YJ, was just curious if that trend was still going.

my guess is it's in the design of the dimmer
To be honest, my Dimmer is probably worn out, It has never really dimmed the factory lights. The switch is the same from 87-95
Gage56 said:
Looking Good Man :thumbsup:
Thanks now I am trying to decide on f/r Waggy 44's Soa on 35's or stick with my original plan
crackedcornish said:
you know, this blue and black color scheme with the silver wheels is really growing on me...any plans for fixing the stripes on the passenger rear corner and front fender?
I intend to remove all of the stripes and replace them with a new strip kit after I get corner armor and sliders painted body color I will also have a hood decal an the islander logos on the fronts again. As far as wheels are concerned I am thinking I may use some wheels with a little bling on this rig. M/T classic locks with a black simulated beadlock ring. To enhance the chrome door handles and trim on the vent windows. I will also add chrome hood latches to accent.
crackedcornish said:
sounds good...have you decided who's armor you're going with?
Probably PSC corners and their own Rockers I like how they fit on my 95. If I don't make my own rockers
Great build so far! Going to buy some LED lights for mine now... lol Think I might change them to red though.
Do it !

I got bored this morning so I decided to start looking at wheels for the Smurf.

I think I may go with these Nomad wheels from Summit racing. What do you guys think ?

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AmmitOsiris said:
Are they cheap? Sent from Peggy's office
100-110 wheel
AmmitOsiris said:
Expensive so that's what 500 bones plus another Hun for shipping? Sent from Peggy's office
Free shipping Its 40 a wheel more then steel wheels
Sparrows said:
I like 'em. Classy and clissic without too much "bling." Although I agree a 5 spoke would be a wee bit better. Cheers
I would keep the wheels I have if they had a better B/S and were 8" wide.

I like the 6 spoke its different.
AmmitOsiris said:
Free shipping? I didn't know summit still had a sale going on. And I do like them they are classy. But please promise me that if you do get them, that they will be wheeled on. Sent from Peggy's office
They will get wheeled on. I wheel my rigs. But I will use XJ for more hardcore trips since it's already armored, has trail damage , and has that magic 100" wheelbase
Took the YJ out and did a little wheeling, and got stuck. So I had to swallow my pride and call my wife so she could rescue me in the XJ lol

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