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TJ Tech BOOT CAMP: A must-read for new TJ owners/forum members

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Welcome to the TJ Technical threads!

This "Boot Camp" is designed to help you get familiar with the ins and outs of your Jeep and show you the ropes for this forum.

This place is THE place to find answers to issues with your TJ. Whether troubleshooting, deciding on mods/upgrades, or installing products, you'll get plenty of insight here. The following is a sort of "How to..." for the forum. It is broken down into sections and includes links to threads that cover some of the most polular topics here in TJ Tech.

Forum Basics

Your Profile- All registered accounts come with a profile page. Your profile lets you tell a little about yourself, but more importantly, about your Jeep. A completed profile will help other members know what hardware you are dealing with when attempting to solve any problems you post.

Stock TJ Specifications - Use this link to fill in your profile!
Not sure what equipment came on your Jeep from the factory? Request a Build Sheet, it's FREE.

SEARCH Function- I cannot stress enough how important it is to SEARCH this forum for answers before starting a new thread. This forum has been around for a long time and countless topics have been discussed multiple times. If you do not find what you're looking for after running a search, change your wording and search again, and again, and again. Google is a great tool as well.
-Here is a detailed tutorial on getting the best possible results from your search.

The "Dead Horses"- "Don't beat a dead horse." Many topics on this forum are considered dead horses that the majority of members are tired of discussing. These topics tend to clutter Page 1 of this forum and can cause more serious threads to be overlooked. They also waste storage space, which slows down the forum and hassles the webmasters. Every one of these topics can be answered by way of the SEARCH function.

Here is a small sample of Dead Horses:

-Tips for Better Gas Mileage...
-Cold Air Intakes
-Throttle Body Spacer
-Death Wobble
-The Gear /Tire/ speed /MPG thread
-What Axles do I have?
-What size tires will fit/How much lift?
-What your TJ will look like with various Tire/Lift Combos
-Whats size spare tire do I need?
-Auto vs Manual Transmission for off-roading
-TJ Forum FAQ's: Prepared by Wheelin98TJ
-Will Rubicon springs lift my TJ? If you still don't believe the engineers, here is a pic showing a stock Rubicon on 31" MTR's parked next to a stock 97 TJ on 31" Truxus tires.
-How do I...? - These questions will be covered in a later section with Write-Ups

If you do "Beat a Dead Horse" by starting a new thread, take cover. Which brings us to the next point...

Don't Banter- You may get an answer you didn't want to hear, or a comment that you felt was offensive. As Chris Rock would say: "Let it slide"
This forum is full of guru's and all around helpful guys, just take criticism with a grain of salt. No need to be quick to defend yourself or attempt to insult the poster. Honestly, they don't really care.
This thread is the perfect example of what NOT to do: Best/cost efficient way to gain HP and gas mileage
Additional Information: Rules and Guidelines

-Here is a list of common Acronyms and Abreviations used in the Technical section

Show us your rig!
Want to show off your brand spankin' new mod? Do it here: What did you do to your TJ today?
Make your own mod or upgrade and want to share? Do it here: I made a _____ for my TJ! (post your homemade Jeep stuff here)

Product Reviews by Forum members: This section is a community effort where members can add a review for any product they have purchased or give a quick review of any product already listed -

General Offroading: This thread list, compiled by Unlimited04, covers tips and techniques for all kinds of terrain. Offroad Tips and Techniques

Your Jeep TJ

Why seat belts are your friend!- This should not be overlooked!

-How Your 4x4 Works! (Lockers also explained)

Factory Recall and Technical Service Bulletins -Search your model year here

How To...
Fold Down the Windshield
Remove Wiper Blades
Remove Doors
Turn off the dome lights with the doors removed
Remove/Install "Nutserts"
Remove drain plugs
Properly set up for 35" Tires

Maintenance and Repairs

-Check Engine Light/Diagnostic Codes
-Blower Motor Resistors/Climate Control Issues
-Climate control- Blower switch melting
-DIY Front End Alignment
-TJ Alignment Thread
-TJ Alignment Training Videos by TERAFLEX
-Fixing a busted Front Track Bar Bolt
-Spark Plug Selection
-Oxygen Sensor FAQ & Information
-Changing Differential Fluid
-Fluid Capacities for the TJ
-Oil Change - Write-Up
-Transmission and Transfer Case Fluid Change - Write-up
-Rear Main Seal Replace/Install
-Tools and Info for installing a lift
-Bleeding Brakes: mrblaine's Manual Brake Bleeding Guide
-Bleeding Brakes: Stu Olson's Write-up
-Bleeding Brakes:'s Write-up
-Repair your Dana 30 Knuckles - Brake Pad Grooves
Changing ATF on your 30rh Auto

Stock & Aftermarket Parts Specs

Coil Springs

Common Upgrades - Installs, Write-Ups, Reviews

-Performance Accessories 1" Body Lift
-Rubicon Express 2" Budget Boost***
-Rough Country 2.5" Lift Kit
-Rough Country 2.5/3.25" lift install
-Rubicon Express 3.5" Super Flex Lift
-Full Traction 6" Long Arm Lift
-Longarm Basics

Sway Bar & Disconnects
-Homemade/Budget Disconnects
-JKS Disconnects
-Currie Anti-Rock sway bar system

Correcting Drive-line Angles/Vibrations
-Transer Case drop kit
-DIY Transfer Case Drop (Washers)
-Motor Mount Lift (MML)
-THE Official JF Slip Yoke Eliminator Thread
-Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) and CV Drive Shaft
-Advance Adaptors SYE install
-What is a CV Drive Shaft?

Armor/Body modification/Skid Plates
-Skid Row Engine Skid Plate
-Rocker Protection
-Belly-up Skids/Tummy Tucks
-Proper Tummy Tuck/ Hi-Clearance Skip Set Up Guide
-DIY Highline Hood and Fenders
-1" Gas tank lift Mod
-Flare Trimming 101

-Ford 8.8 Rear swap
-Super 35 w/ C-Clip Eliminator
-Rear Dana44 Swap
-Front Dana44 Swap
-High Pinion Dana30 Swap
-Superior Axle Truss Kit: D35 & D44
-How to : Rear axle swap (D35 to D44)

-ZJ Tie Rod swap
-Rancho Steering Stabalizer
-Heavy Duty Steering Upgrades
-Durango Steering Box swap

-Vanco Big Brake Kit
-Teraflex Rear Disc Brake conversion - Write-up
-Brake Bleeding (covered above in "Maintenance & Repairs")

-What size tires fit a stock TJ with stock wheels? - 31x10.5 max.
-How to run 35" tires
-Setting up bump stops/shocks for new tire size

-Backspacing Table:
Image uploading. Refresh page to view

-Hi-amp Alternator Upgrades (Dodge Durango)

Engine Swaps! (not just newbie stuff here!)
-Chevy V8 Swaps: Write-up Compilation thread
-2.5 to 4.0 Write-up

ATTN: If you have a topic that should be covered in this thread but is not, please find the best possible info on it (thread, write-up, review, install, etc.) and post a link and brief description. I will then add it to the main post as needed. Your extra effort in helping out this thread is appreciated.

If you found any of this information useful and helpful, please click the "Thumbs Up" symbol on the bottom right of this post. Thank you. :wave:
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You should include a link for the common climate control problems:

Blower Motor Resistors
Melted Fan Switches

I think there are 7,345,569 threads on this problem. :D

And also point out if a Jeep still has the factory radiator, it WILL begin to leak at the tank seam!

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Ok I think I got all links fixed, and added several more based on hwat I had planned and everyone's suggestions.
I'd like to add a few more simple "How to..'s" if anyone can think of any.

If you think of a basic issue that should be covered, please find a well written thread with plenty of information and post it, I'll be happy to add it if I feel it's needed.

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I'd love to see a link to LA vs. SA lifts. Actual advantages/disadvantages not just someones opinion. I realize RTI numbers don't translate into usable articulation, especially given different spring rates but a link with some facts rather than opinions would be great. I'm still searching for this since I'm in the market for a new lift and will link anything good I find. GREAT job on gathering all this info into one place!! I vote sticky.

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Awesome thread, I am already loving it.

Should it have a link to "how to post pictures" sticky?

Also, for my sake it would be nice if it had a "how to put a link in your sig that has the thread title, not the actual address." I tried to link this thread and then thought that maybe I should go back to bootcamp to learn how to do it properly, and now I'm in a nasty circle of improper linking the boot camp thread aaah!


When you are creating your signature, click the "Insert Link" button. Then copy paste the url of whatever site you want. You will notice that when the link is created in your sig the url is written twice. Change the second on to "My Build" or "TJ BOOT CAMP" and you're good to go.

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Good start! You covered some of the biggies for sure. I don't think you need to put any of that junk about taking criticism with a grain of salt and they don't care what you think yadda suddenly makes JF sound like Pirate...we don't need that, do we? Just my two cents.

Some more ideas for you:

Link to Stu's site. I would also say links to all other forums - I know I keep a list - so they can search there as well...but I have found JF automatically strips a lot of those out when you post them for whatever reason...never made sense to me but oh well. I think JF is a jealous biatch. :rofl: Maybe we can make a list and then post a picture of said list - you can't link from it but they still get the info...would need for a mod to clear it so the ban stick doesn't get swung I guess... :mod:

Might be good to suggest that people click on the "Replies" and "Viewed" columns to see the most popular threads with the most replies, etc. Not a bad starting place. There you will easily stumble on threads like the "Mods to Avoid" or "Regrettable Mods" threads, or the "Budget Junkyard Upgrades" thread or the "I made a ___ for my TJ (post your homemade Jeep stuff here)" thread... Actually I would link to those 3 in particular since you mentioned that "What did you do to your TJ today" thread which, of course, is the most replied on thread out there. :rtft:

Some ideas for links to threads about:

1. Header replacement - since it will pretty much happen for everyone (pre 2000?)... - A header thread - Another...
2. Winches - A good Winch thread - Another good Winch thread
3. Bumpers, winch mounts, swing away tire carriers, stingers, homemade.
4. Cargo Racks
5. Mirrors (doors off) - A decent mirror thread - Mirror law - Another good one - Another - One more
6. Rockers / Sliders (Edit: I noticed later you covered this with a link, but still might be more threads out there to link to - this one comes up a lot)
7. Exhaust
8. Onboard Air setups - DIY i.e. York - COTS i.e. Viair -or air tank... Onboard Air thread - York thread - Another good thread about onboard air - For is a thread with an onboard misting system for those hot days
9. Battery discussion, Alternators, dual battery setups... Best Battery? - More Battery Discussion - Dual Battery Discussion - DIY Dual Battery from our YJ brethren... - Jerry repeats himself a lot here about dual batteries hehe... - Not our forum but a good link to 136 Amp Alternator Mod write-up - Another one on the Alternator mod... - Alternator Discussion - Another good Alternator discussion
10. Security - from center consoles and trunks (a la Tuffy) to systems / kill switches - Good security thread - More Security... - Security Thread - Another security thread - Yet another...there are lots like a search...
11. Soft tops / Hard Tops / Bikini Tops / Windjammers / Tonneau Covers - SpiderWebShade thread
12. Lights: Headlights, Fog lights, Offroad lights/light bars, Leds / replacement for rears, Rock Lights, painting the headlight bezel black (hehe)
13. Fenders
14. CBs (I know we have a whole forum area for this kind of thing...but TJ specific where to mount the unit and the antenna?) CBs - Where to mount
15. Roll cages / Sport cages
16. Lining (Herc, Rhino, Linex...)
17. Seats & Seat puck lifts to 5 point harness discussions...neoprene vs....etc...
18. Stereo stuff...picking one, where to put subs, amps, etc...
19. Steering box - Durango swap...
20. Clutch questions - Clutch override, don't clutch in water / mud
21. Hi-Lift Jacks - and where to mount them...
22. TJs and Towing things
23. Diff covers / sliders
24. Oil - synthetic vs...and brands...etc.
25. Snorkels
26. Gauges...fixing, replacing, etc.
27. Interior setups...switch placements, GPS mounting, etc...
28. Side steps for the girlfriend / wife... :p

I'll quit here - I am getting out of hand. I will try to find some good links for these when I have some more time unless someone beats me to it (I hate people that offer up the easy part but don't do the hard work - in this case, finding the links for each one - I will come back and get you links ;) ). Didn't mean to go to town like this...but might as well be inclusive...these are all topics off the top of my head that I have seen come up again and again and again. I've been reading this forum for years, though you will notice I didn't even register or start posting until recently - I am a big fan of the search function and reading before is all out there already for the most part. If we post all of this info in one easy to find place (and people actually read it and do searches, and for those that don't read it initially and post a question and everyone just links to this post in response), what is anyone ever going to talk about anymore? :D

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"Will a 33 fit on my tail gate?"

Yes, sort of, depending on the wheel offset and tire width. You may need an aftermarket bracket to replace the stock one to push the tire out further, or do as others have done and let some air out of the tire (which might defeat the purpose of having a spare).

Is it a good idea?

No. It can damage your tail gate. It will either crack the hinges, or it will slowly peel your tail gate back. If you do it, get the tire as snug against the tail gate and body as possible by extending the rubber pads with washers, and make plans to buy a tire carrier.

There, I cleaned up my post to make it a useful contribution. :)

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Can I use a smaller spare?

theres two on page one currently

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This should be a sticky you also forgot one of the best "DEAD HORSES"

Automatic VS Stick/Manual

I think this comes up at least once a week.
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