For Sale, all from a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon:

1) NV3550 transmission, FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. It has 180,000 miles on it. I just removed it from my Jeep a few weeks ago. It would not say in 5th gear, and sometimes popped out of 2nd as well. Transmission only - no bell housing. $100 OBO.

2) Front and rear OEM air locking differentials (Dana 44), FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. They also have 180,000 miles on them, and neither would engage even though they were getting air. Additionally, something was wrong with the front one where it wouldn't allow the tires to properly spin at different speeds; it would catch as the wheels spun around. $50 EACH, OBO. Both still have a 4.88 ring gear attached.

3) Both air pumps for the differentials. These work properly, just as they should. $20 for both.

4) OEM transfer case shift linkage. $10.

TRADES: I am looking for a few things, if anyone would like to trade parts. I need a driver's side seat belt, the bottom portion between the seat and the center console. Also, I am looking for all parts associated with using a soft top (spreader bars, the upper door frame pieces, etc.).

Located in Franklin, PA 16323. Please PM me if interested.