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Tj oil pressure gauge

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I have a 2005 TJ and I have to start it twice to get the oil pressure gauge to work. I have changed the sending unit and checked all the grounds. It has to be started twice every time within 30 seconds. It sounds like something electrical but I cant figure it out.
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Interesting. My oil pressure gauge changes with rpm changes. At idle it's a hair over center of the gauge, 26-2800 rpms it's about 2/3 up between L and H. I wouldn't think an "idiot gauge" would do that.
Still not getting why my oil pressure gauge seems to move all over the spectrum with rpm changes if it's just an idiot gauge. Not only that, but how does oil temp affect what the gauge reads as pressure? Pressure is pressure regardless of how that pressure is generated, isn't it?

Sorry if this seems like a couple of dumb questions, I am generally wondering, not trolling.
1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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