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TJ Gauges Won't Move

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Hi! I'm having trouble with my '98 Wrangler.
It's 4cyl, 2.5L, manual engine.
A couple of weeks ago, the tachometer and speedometer would randomly drop (when the car was running) and come back on once the car came to a full stop, was put into neutral, or in some cases, when the car was turned off and turned back on. It continued for a few days then went away on its own. Sometimes, the airbag light would stay on.
Today, I turned my car on (after it running fine earlier) and the temperature gauge, oil gauge, gas gauge, and battery gauge did not move at all, but the tachometer and speedometer worked fine.
Any solutions? I've read some posts where cleaning/replacing the F10 and F17 fuses fix the problem, others where wiring was the issue.
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In XJs very common for the wire looms that plug into those two plugs to come loose. I think less common in TJs, but what you describe is similar to what I've seen happen in my XJ. Clean the connections, try to tighten up the plugs and put conducter on them (and dielectric grease is not a conductor).
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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