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Tj 8.8 Swap

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Alright, so I got a wild hair and thought that I could swap in an 8.8 for my dana 35 in the rear. I am about halfway through my project and I am having some concerns.
1. When I weld up all the mounts and mock it all up if my measurements are off a little bit whats going to happen?
2. If it is going to cause problems my solution was to do adjustable control arms.
3. If I do adjustable control arms am I going to have to do uppers and lowers or just lowers?
4. Also if I did control arms I was going to build them myself that way I would have the rod ends to reuse if I ever went to long arms.
Any and all help is appreciated!!

Jeep info
2-inch coil lift currently
on 31s
stock control arms and no adjustable track bars yet
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I use 1/4" wheel spacers on mine. It gives back some of the width and cost next to nothing. Been running them for the better part of ten years with out an issue
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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