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Tire Shops in San Diego

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Anyone successful in finding a shop in San Diego that will mount 35s on stock rubicon wheels? Discount Tire and Goodyear won't do it bcs of wheel width concerns. I was all set to go and get new MTRs just now, but I got denied!!!! I'd prefer a legit business. I'm not taking my jeep to your uncles house!!! I want a warranty if at all possible.
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Ok never mind... If your uncle will do it, let me know.
1222 said:
Moved from JK tech. :cheers2:
To where? Sorry... Didn't know there was a more appropriate place to post.
I've had good luck with these guys. They have a pretty good selection of large truck tires for cheap too

Tire City
14506 Olde Hwy 80
El Cajon, CA 92021
Phone number (619) 442-0341

Welcome to the San Diego section btw :)
there are a couple tire shops on Greenfield drive as well that do large tires. Do you have the tires already?
Both of those places are close by and I'll go see what both of those shops have in stock. I haven't purchased the tires yet. I protested the big shops' decision to not do it. So I didn't buy from them. Thanks for the suggestions!!!
If you want new, order from If they ship from the Nevada warehouse it's pretty cheap
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