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Thinking my front diff may be going bad

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2002 WJ w/QuadraDrive 30

I'm getting some small bidding mostly when I'm tight turning (like pulling out of the driveway) it does it more when turning left. But now over the past week or so, it feels like doesn't roll freely like it should when I first take off. Like something is holding the Jeep back. I'm thinking the gears in the 30 may be bad or going bad. Or when I changed the fluid awhile back I didn't add as much FM as I should have.
It kinda feels like the brakes are dragging I do have an ABS light on, (but that shouldn't have an effect) After driving a few miles home from work I checked the rotors and they didn't seem to be hotter than they should be. Also noteworthy is when I let off the gas there is a slight humming until I either stop or get back on the throttle. Transmission shifts fine.

Both front axle and TC have had fluid changes over the summer.

Whats the best gears to buy? G2, Yukon, ECGS, or.....

I'm about to get do some welding on the front axle to install the Clayton LA's, maybe this is a sign to trash my 30 and find a Dana 44 to replace it with.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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